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Dangote Scam Alert: Registration Fee for Employment

Updated on Mar 14, 2013 3440 views
Various types of scam text messages and emails purporting to be from or associated with the DANGOTE GROUP have been in circulation for a while. Some of these ernails/text messages request detailed information and registration fees for intensive training leading to employment. They are often followed up with phone calls which mention the names of individual DANGOTE GROUP staff members. Those behind this scam allocate registration' numbers based on payments. The email addresses from which these scam emails emanate are sometimes made to look like a DANGOTE GROUP address e.g.

Please pay no attention to such fraudulent emails /text messages as they are in no way associated with the DANGOTE GROUP or with its staff. DANGOTE GROUP wishes to warn the public of these misleading and often fraudulent practices and suggests that recipients, if at all in doubt after having read this notice, verify their authenticity before sending any response. DANGOTE GROUP strongly warns that recipients do not send money or personal information to emails/text messages requesting payment-of registration fees of any kind, in the name of the DANGOTE GROUP.

Dangote Group will NEVER ask for registration fees in exchange for training and subsequent employment. We are committed to generating employment for the citizenry and our hiring/placement process is very transparent. If you have any doubts about the authenticity of an email/text message purportedly from or referring to DANGOTE GROUP, please call us on 01-4615735 or send us an email at

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