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Good Reads: Getting a Job is a Job

Updated on Aug 13, 2012 1979 views
What are you reading?

This is a commonly asked question by public speakers, writers, and motivators. They grip up with this question sometimes during their talks. Reading is boring for some, it is not on the list for others. Too much hard-work or a little bit of laziness may deter us from reading or cause us to procrastinate sometimes. The truth is, the more you read, the more you exercise your brains, expand your knowledge of a particular thing and leave the the plague of ignorance. Reading good books can be a real jump-starter or guide to your job search and career path.

This is why MyJobMag is using this platform to highlight one book every month for your read. Our selected book for August is Getting a Job is a Job.

According to the author, 'This is the most straightforward, practical guide on the market today, addressing all your career choice issues, helping you discover your true workplace value, and get that perfect job.

Read more about Getting a Job is a Job and how to get a copy.


Do you have any books you would like to highlight for the benefit of everyone? Kindly share in the comment space below.
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