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MyJobMag 30 Day Work Challenge: Day 6 - Setting Smart Goals

Updated on May 25, 2019 2481 views
MyJobMag 30 Day Work Challenge: Day 6 - Setting Smart Goals

Welcome to Day 6 of MyJobMag 30 Day Work Challenge. The 30 Day Work Challenge is designed to help you get your footing solid either you are starting a new job or as a new manager. You can tweet at us @myjobmag to let us know how you are doing or if you have any questions.

So are you ready for today’s challenge?

Today’s challenge is about setting smart goals for you. A smart goal as you know is specific, measurable, actionable, achievable and realistic.  The way to get realistic and achievable goals is to make them actionable.

Usually, I will suggest you create around 3 goals. The first goal should be easy to achieve while the last goal should be something that truly challenges you. Goals are made to challenge you so if you ever find yourself setting goals and you are achieving them easily, it is either the goals are not big enough or you are missing a crucial point. Your goals should help you focus on what is important and interesting enough to keep pushing you in the right direction. Either professionally or personally, you should have goals you are always working on. An example of a goal you may want to set at work might be “review and reduce the number of meeting on my calendar by 50% in order to enable me to have more time for strategic planning by end of the month.

Now I hope you get it. So go today and create a smart goal for yourself.

So what smart goal are you setting for yourself? Tweet at us your goal and you stand a chance to win yourself a recharge card voucher.

Now that is all for today’s challenge. Join us on our social media platforms and let us know how you are faring

PS: Missed any of the challenge? Check for archive for Day 4 and Day 5 

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