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Lessons From Novotel Job Scam

Updated on Nov 02, 2012 5259 views

Welcome to another great read on Identifying Scam Jobs. Some months back, we had a job flood the internet: Jobs at Novotel (please this is a scam job and make sure you do not apply for it! We are only citing it here for learning purposes!!!).

I took time to analyse this fake advert and job and below are very useful points to note:

1. They were offering jobs in UK. The question is why will a company leave UK for Nigeria to source for manpower when the positions are not highly competitive? Is it that they cannot get Cleaners in UK? or maybe Nigerians clean better? We have a good number of unemployed Nigerians in UK, so if they so much love Nigeria, I think they should start from them!

2. Monthly Salary of £5,500. Cleaning positions for £5,500??? What the ... ? Maybe I am still in the 20th century! Whenever it is too good to be true, then it is not true.

3. A million and one position. This means many people will apply.

4. A non- competitive screening process. For a company to recruit beyond its operational base means they are looking for exceptional people! I think almost all applications passed through.. :(

5. Request for money directly or indirectly!

This is a case closed; but do you even need to go through all the stress going for fake interviews? I do not think you do! Just be smart, separate the wheat from the chaff from early.

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