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Scam Jobs: Must Know 101

Updated on Nov 02, 2012 5296 views

The rate of unemployment in the country currently is very high and it is saddening that some wicked (yes, wicked) people use this as an opportunity to scam job seekers.

On the streets on Lagos and on pedestrian bridges, I see people sharing flyers with bogus job offers. The question that crosses my mind is: 'are the jobs so many that they are now begging people and going the extra mile to print flyers?'. They are merely scouting for gullible or unsuspecting job seekers to defraud.

Generally, to avoid being scammed (either job scam or something else), I advise people not to be greedy and desperate. Asides this, you need to take extra caution as you job hunt. Kindly find below some things to watch out for:

  1. It has a generic, over-used or vague job title. Admin Assistant or Customer Service Rep are popular ones.
  2. The jobs that indicate that "Telecommuting is Ok". This attracts many people and gives them more responses. Also, some very broad requirements can be fishy except for marketing positions.
  3. They list a salary that seems too good to be true or too specific.
  4. They post a job with a title that doesn't match the description.
  5. They use strange sentences or misspellings.
  6. If the description has a bunch of exclamation points and promises high income in one week.
  7. If the description boldly states "No Experience Necessary" but has a promise of high pay.
  8. There is no job contact information. A quality job post will tell you who to email or give you a valid company website. (We know there are exceptions to this)
  9. A link that is to a home business or multi level marketing opportunity website. This isn't a JOB - but a business venture.
  10. A link that redirects you to another site.
  11. A link that takes you to a job membership site and asks you to register.
  12. A quick response to your email inquiry that tells you they have reviewed your resume when you didn't even send it.
  13. A quick response to your email inquiry that leads you to another website that promises you more job openings - like government jobs. Click after click - nothing but a time waster...
  14. A response to your email inquiry that asks you to sign up for a web-conferencing service so you can be part of a training call.
  15. A response to your email inquiry with a name and company that does not exist.
  16. A response to your email inquiry from someone in a foreign country looking to hire people in the United States to handle accounts payable or receivables.
  17. The same auto response to all of your emails. There isn't a real person at the other end of the email account.

We know that these points are not cast on stone but they are good characteristics of scam jobs! As you job hunt, we advise you again to be careful and use your head.
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