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Employment Factsheet by Myjobmag

Updated on Sep 04, 2018 2107 views
Employment Factsheet by Myjobmag

The employment situation in Nigeria has been of great concern to all. We all know that the unemployment crisis has been that very hard nut that has been under the teeth of both the private and public sector to crack, but how exact are our conclusions? Are they based on assumptions? Well no problem if they are, all we need to do is get a higher form of knowledge studying the infographics above.

The employment situation in Nigeria is largely characterized by the unemployed and under-employed population in relation to the total percentage of working/active population in the country. The unemployment rate in Nigeria is measured in relation to the number of people actively looking for a job as a percentage of the labour force.

 However, the employment situation in Nigeria is largely affected by the working population in the country. The total population projection for the country is said to be 195.58 million. The national population commission states that about half of the population is made up of youth (individuals between 15 and 34 years). Sadly as the youth population grows, so does the unemployment rate. It is even noticed that unemployed youth numbered about 7.9 million according to the labour statistics report of Nigeria in Q4 2017. The national bureau of statistics (NBS) also revealed that 58.1% of youth within this age bracket who are currently working are underemployed.

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