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5 Reasons why you should Work for a Start-UP

Updated on Jul 27, 2018 2871 views
5 Reasons why you should Work for a Start-UP

Almost everyone looks forward to working in a well-structured company which is not bad, but the problem is that many people still have the belief that they can only grow professionally when they work in a corporate organization with a generous pay package and standard nine to five working hours, but that is not always the case, because career growth is not dependent on the size and structure of a company.

It is important for you as a career-driven person to always look forward to working in a place that fosters your career growth and advancement. Humans are known to learn faster and better through experiences. Working in a startup gives you the opportunity to learn from your personal experiences while learning on the job by taking up related and unrelated tasks.

If you have been rejecting job offers in startup companies because you think they are not good enough, then this article will tell you what you have been missing out not working for a startup with our “5 reasons why you should work for a startup”.

Let us explore why entering the start-up world could be a fulfilling and interesting experience:

Increases Multi-Tasking

Multi-tasking is one important skill that many employers look out for in employees. Your ability to multi-task can always put you ahead of others in any work environment. When working in a startup, you are open to a variety of task as the day goes by. With fewer resources and a usually thin staff structure, employees are expected (more often) to be flexible and work beyond their role descriptions.

Working in a startup encourages multi-tasking because you will find out that most of your days will be less structured and you’ll have more freedom to take up any task that will add value to the company, you also have the freedom over when and how you carry out your workload. The structure of startups encourages multi-tasking a lot because change happens quickly in startups, and your role will change more often to adapt to the business change.

Better Growth Opportunity

Due to the thin staff structure that startups operate, employees usually own their roles which gives them the opportunity to grow. When we talk about opportunities, it sounds more like money to many people’s ears. It is true that a startup may not be able to pay you as much as a big company will, but I can bet that you will be opened to amazing opportunities that you may not have thought of before.

Opportunities that startups open you up to are often times usually not the kind of opportunities that you may get in a more structured company. Startups most times allow employees to take up roles that they may not have had the opportunity to take on working in a big or more structured company.

For example, an employee may take up the role of a manager even if that employee may not have all the needed qualification for that position, but can be allowed to grow and embrace challenges resulting from this opportunity.

Helps to Develop your Innovative Ability

Working in a startup can help you develop your creative and innovative ability. When you work for a startup, you are obviously going to be working for an innovative person, or most times you will be surrounded by innovative people. It is true that one’s environment always has a way of contributing and affecting that person. That is what working in a startup does for you; it opens up that skill hidden inside of you.

From research and findings, it is noticed that people that start their own businesses are more innovative than those who have never made an attempt to start anything of their own. Entrepreneurs are usually innovative people in nature and are mostly the best people to learn to develop your innovative skills.

Your Work Can Easily be Recognized

Working in a startup can help you gain easy recognition unlike working in a big company. I have seen and also heard from different people that if you work at a big company, chances are that all of your hard work is going to be ignored by the boss, or someone else can easily claim the credit. But at a startup, it is almost impossible for good jobs to be ignored, because most times you will have to work directly with the CEO.

Aside from being recognized by the team, your work could easily gain more recognition than it would have working for a big company.

Gives you the Opportunity to Work in a more Friendly Environment

Working in a startup usually fosters a good working relationship among staff members usually because of the thin structure. Unlike the serious and tense atmosphere in most big companies, startup environments are usually less formal and friendlier.

From our research and findings, we have come to realize that employees that are more comfortable tend to be more productive. The amount of freedom given to an employee to own and function in a particular job role can affect their productivity and the entire work environment.


Working for a startup is not all the way as disadvantageous as many people see it, but has various amazing opportunities and benefits as these 5 reasons show. Startups offer great skill development and many self-building career opportunities. To avoid missing out on any of these great opportunities, search for current startup job opportunities now.

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