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Be "Interview-Type" Aware!!!

Updated on Oct 24, 2012 2277 views
Be "Interview-Type" Aware!!!

An interview could be conducted in any of the following ways:

Face-to-face interviews - This may be one-to-one between you and the interviewer, or there may sometimes be two interviewers, such as a specialist in the job itself and a member of the Human Resources department.

Panel interviews - These involve several interviewers sitting as a panel, with a chairperson to coordinate the questions. This type is popular in the public sector.

Telephone interviews - Telephone interviews are increasingly used by companies, often early in the selection process. Prepare for it as thoroughly as a face-to-face interview.

Formal/informal interviews - Some interviews may have a very formal style, while others feel more like an informal conversation about you and your interests. Be aware you are still being assessed, however informal the interview may seem.

Group interviews - Several candidates are present and are asked questions in turn or take part in a group discussion. You may be invited to put questions to the other candidates.

Sequential interviews - These comprise two or more interviews in turn, with a different interviewer each time. Usually, each interviewer asks questions to test different sets of competencies. However, you may find the questions cover the same subjects. If this does happen, make sure you answer each one as fully as the time before.


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