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Join Unity Bank's Unifier Project

Updated on Mar 12, 2018 2123 views
What is The Unifier Project?

The Unifier Project is an initiative of Unity Bank Plc. to discover and reward young Nigerians, across the country, embarking on inspiring pursuits in the areas of business, professionalism and social enterprise. The objectives of the project are to build a narrative around the inspiring youths of Nigeria.
The Unifier project is aimed at locating the “hidden geniuses” in Nigeria with a special focus on the youth demographic (ages 18-35).

Can I become a Unifier? How?

Yes you can! Becoming a Unifier starts by an eligible individual (see eligibility rules) making an a application via social media or this website. There is a selection process where all applicants are carefully reviewed against strict guidelines.
Shortlisted candidates are then contacted with further information. If you are shortlisted, that's great! If not, you can still be a part of this by voting in your prefered choice.
Profiles of all shortlisted candidates will be made public for voting. The winners of the voting process become the Unifiers.

Unifier Project 2018: Guidelines

Each video application is meant to last for 30 seconds to 1 minute. The applicants are meant to tell us about themselves and their projects in the following format: Name, State, the Idea and the Problem it solves or impact it makes. We are also looking out for the following criteria in determining what makes the final cut.

    1. Relevance
      First, the application must be able to clearly identify whether you are a Builder, Lantern or Humanitarian from your description. Clarity is key when sending the videos.
    1. Impact
      Secondly, the application must be able to demonstration how this initiative is making (or potentially making) an impact in the lives of Nigerians
    1. Results
      Finally, the application must be able to establish this project is beyond ideation stage and there are visible pointers that it’s tested and yielding positive results in partial or complete form.



Do you have an exciting project you consider truly innovative i.e. first of it’s kind or common “alien” solutions localized to solve local problems, highly technical or scientific in nature? Then you are a lantern and qualify for the unifier project


Do you contribute to the society through your craft (artistry, smiths or any other hand skill)? Then you are a builder and we want to tell your story. These category of people are the builders. This leans more towards the arts and craft areas.


Have you spent some time making amazing contributions in your community? Tell us about it and be a part of that difference. The humanitarians are those who embark on social initiatives to improve the lives of the less fortunate in their communities

Unity Banks Unifier Project Application Link

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