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Top Secrets to Finding Great Talents for your Small Business

Updated on Jun 04, 2018 1607 views
Top Secrets to Finding Great Talents for your Small Business

In today's overcrowded job-market, many small business owners find it really challenging to get great talents for their businesses.

When it comes to finding the right talent for the job, small businesses have to compete with big companies to get in-demand talents. Big companies have name recognition and good staff insurance policy to sell their brands to prospective employees. The benefits provided by big companies put a new demand on small businesses seeking to get great talents.

In this kind of competitive environment, small business owners need to be more creative and innovative about finding qualified talents for their business.

Below are the secrets to finding great talents for your small business;

Network and Seek Referrals

Small business owners should network and seek referral as much as possible. Networking is a top secret to finding talents. Small business owners can increase their reach by identifying partners and relevant groups that will expose their brand and product. Building a personal relationship with other business people can help increase chances of referrals.

Creating a good relationship with universities and colleges nearby is a good way for small business owners to improve their network.  When you create a good relationship and network with local universities and institutions around, your chances of getting referrals will become higher. Another good way to network is by identifying platforms that allow you build a relationship with job seekers, students and young people at large. It is also not enough for you to network with job seekers and students, you can network with big companies to learn more about the things they do better.

Getting referrals is the most obvious reason most business owners join network groups. The amazing thing about networking for small business owners is that the referrals they get through networking are most of the time pre-qualified for them, so what they have to do is to follow up on this referrals. Small business owners can also join groups to network online depending on their interest and line of business. is a good Platform for small business owners to network.

Make Use of Social Media

The social media platform is a great resource place for small business owners. Having a strong social media presence allows you to reach a great number of people beyond your geographical location. Having a strong social media presence will help push your brand, and give you the publicity you need to attract the right people.

Social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn are very good platforms where small business owners get to sell their brand and get exposed to candidates with different skills.

Having a strong LinkedIn profile will put your brand in the face of job seekers that may not have known that your company existed. LinkedIn also provides resume database where Small business owners can easily visit to search for preferred candidates.

To take advantage of this platform, small business owners would need to create a company page for their company on LinkedIn. The following are the advantages of creating a LinkedIn company page;

  • Having a LinkedIn page showcases your company and not just the employee. Unlike your personal LinkedIn profile, your Company page is publicly visible by default, this means that content shared on this page is ranked on the web - it impacts on your brand's SEO ranking.
  • The LinkedIn company page allows your employees to represent the company and become the company's ambassador indirectly because when one of your employees updates his/her current 'Experience' section, on their personal LinkedIn profile, with your company's name, they are automatically attached to your company page. This is identified by a clickable image of your company logo, which allows a profile viewer to move seamlessly from the employee's personal profile to your company page.
  • It also allows you to analyze and measure the effectiveness of your updates. Whenever you post a news update, LinkedIn provides you with analytics that tells you many impressions your post has received, (the number of times your post has appeared in front of a follower on their desktop browser, mobile device); the number of clicks your post has generated (whenever your post is opened or someone clicks from the post onto your company name or logo); the number of Interactions your post has received (likes, comments, shares), expressed as a number and as a percentage of impressions.
  • LinkedIn alerts you when someone mentions your company's name. When someone mentions your company name on their personal LinkedIn status update you will get an email and a notification alert.
  • LinkedIn helps you to promote your most important post, by giving you the opportunity to select your most important post and pin it to the top of your pages news feed and it will remain there till you decide to unpin it.
  • Company pages also have recommendations just like the personal profile. Satisfied customers can easily recommend you, your product or your services. Having strong recommendations keeps you ahead of your competitors.

For more information, click the link

Participate in Job Fairs

Participating in job fairs is another means to getting top talents. Small business owners should look for local job fairs to participate.  It is not uncommon that big companies at most job fairs always drag a majority of the employees to themselves because of the brand name, but attending job fairs is a great opportunity for small businesses to get the right people. While the big companies struggle with a large crowd, they soon get tired and become more impersonal with job seekers, smaller companies have that personal touch with job seekers that those big companies cannot replicate.

Capitalize on this opportunity by following up on candidates, and letting them know that you value them, and you would love them to be a part of your business.

Offer Growth opportunity

Most employees would rather be in jobs that will facilitate growth rather than inhibit it. Employees generally value a job that gives room for training, career development, and career advancement opportunities. Since most employees will expect career development as one of their benefits packages, it is then advisable that small companies should look for ways of cooperating with organizations that allow small businesses to offer low-cost development/career programs to their employees.

Alternatively, you can look for online platforms that will allow your employees get the training they require without affecting the work time.

Make Way for a Career Path

Every employee want to be in a place where there is a possibility of growth. Just like we said earlier, giving an opportunity for growth, and career advancement would help map out an employee’s career path. Prospective employees should be able to see opportunities for growth and advancement with your organization.

Your employees should know that you are interested in their growth, and you should also draw a plan that can help you achieve it. You can even help your employees see and explore new opportunities within the organization. You can research about ways to create opportunities within your organization that will accelerate growth and also map out a clear career path for your employees.

Sponsor a workshop

Always look for opportunities to sponsor workshops and seminars. Hosting a seminar for people especially professionals in your niche is an effective way to attract top talents. Target young professional by providing skill-building sessions. When you sponsor workshops and seminars, it will expose you to network opportunities.

It is challenging to find good candidates for your new business, but as a business owner, you must be open to ideas and find ways to attract prospective employees to work for you. These secrets would be useful to business owners and start-up managers.

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