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Top 5 things you can do to Improve your Work Life

Updated on Oct 08, 2012 2976 views
Long Yun Siang outlined 52 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Work - A Week At A Time. The article presents some very useful nuggets of suggestion that if applied, can help you improve on or change your work life positively.

I have selected the top 5 of those nuggets. Remember nothing will happen until you take action. Below are the things you can start doing today to change your work life for the better.

1. The Toughest Part - Know What You Want

The toughest part about finding your dream career isn’t about finding the dream career. It is about finding yourself. Do you know what you want? This is the first question you need to ask yourself. It is a seemingly easy question many answer by mentioning what they DON’T WANT instead of what they WANT. But that is not the answer that will ensure you to find your dream job.
 Knowing what you don’t want does not mean you easily arrive at what you want.  Unfortunately, the process of elimination does not work in finding your dream career. You can go through a thousand “don’t wants” and still not hit it. How to find your dream career? Start by knowing what you want!

2.  Know Your Values

If you feel a little lost with finding what you want, start by knowing your values. Ask yourself, what do you really value? Time? That’s a common answer I get and a good one too. We all want more time for family and ourselves. So, if you value time then you know the dream career you are looking for must offer more time. Is that all? List a set of values you treasure. Then things will begin to fall in place. You have defined what it is that will fit in these criteria.

 3.  Know How Much You Are Willing To Sacrifice

Do you have the knowledge and skill set that fit the needs of your dream career? If you do not, how much are you willing to sacrifice in order to add those skills set in your repertoire? How to find your dream career is easy. How much you are willing to sacrifice in order to achieve it is tough to answer. 

4.  Make Learning A Key Objective

If you are new in the work force and have been job-hopping quite a bit, my advice to you is this - truly find out what you want. Once you know that, find a company that is willing to train or how they are willing to commit to their employees’ career in the long term. If they have structured training programs, join them.

Make learning the relevant skills and knowledge in that industry your key objective. The skills and knowledge that you learn will contribute to your career success in the long term. It is something that you can bring with you the rest of your life. Once you see the benefits of committing to a company who is willing to train you for more than two years, hopefully you won’t be job-hopping often anymore.

5.  A Positive Mental Attitude

As boring as it sounds, this is important. It is probably the most important of all. As you think so you are. You want positive things to happen to you, you must first have a positive attitude. That means looking on the bright side of things regardless of how tough your days, months and year is.

You dread going to work tomorrow; your day will turn out a dread just as you thought it would be. You are a master of your thoughts, not a slave to it. You feel you have lost interest; remind yourself why you found interest in the first place. Almost always it will re-ignite you.

You don’t know how to be positive? Start with a single thought. As pathetic as it sounds, say to yourself – “Look at the sun today. Such a nice day.” But that is also as easy as it gets. It’s tough? That’s because you think it is tough. Again, it goes back to your thought. Make positive thinking part of your career planning success.

Think, feel, and do. Think happy thoughts, feel the energy and act happy. When you do it often enough you become a positive person. The same energy needed to think worrying and negative thoughts is the same that is needed to think happy and positive thoughts. Why waste that energy?

Think a happy thought now.

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