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How to Attract Employers with Your Personal Brand

Updated on Aug 26, 2021 2520 views
How to Attract Employers with Your Personal Brand

Do you know that you can make employers reach out to you with job offers?

Well, yes you can.

I know that this is unusual to many job seekers. In the usual setting, you will have to search for jobs, write a great CV, write a cover letter, apply for the position and prepare to convince the employer during the interview.

Even if we know that this is the usual job search process for many job seekers, the tables can turn. Yes, it can.

You can save yourself the hassle of searching for job opportunities and competing with other job candidates by building your personal brand.

Yes, you heard it right, building your personal brand.


What does it mean to build your personal brand as a job seeker?

Many times when people hear about personal branding, what comes to their mind is an organization. Well, things have changed.

Now, individuals build their personal brand based on how they want to be perceived by others. Some job seekers have discovered the secrets of building their personal brand to stand out from other job candidates.

Building your personal brand as a job seeker simply means putting yourself out there to be easily found by employers.

It is no news that employers these days don’t make up their minds to hire a job candidate just based on the candidate’s CV. Many employers want to be sure the candidate can do what they claim they can do.

When a candidate has built his/her personal brand, it makes it easy for the employer to visit; their website or social media handle(s) to understand what the job candidate can do without so much stress. 

Who doesn’t like things that are stress-free and less risky? (lol).               

I know you understand what personal branding means now, at least to an extent. (Don’t worry, you would know more later).


Why do you need a personal brand?

Your personal brand is basically marketing yourself and your career expertise. It shows what you stand for, what you’ve accomplished, and what you’re capable of achieving.

Having a personal brand provides benefits when it comes to finding a new job and staying relevant in your chosen field.

In case, you are still not convinced. You should build your personal brand because:

  1. Employers are searching the web to find top talents for their vacant position. Building your personal brand helps you stay ahead of other job candidates so that when your name shows up in search engines they’ll find informative information that shows you in your best light.
  2. Building your personal brand helps you show potential employers that you are intentional about your career goals.
  3. Your personal brand serves as your marketing tool. You can use your personal brand to tell your own story, show details about your skills and abilities, and explain your core values in a way that you may not be able to in a traditional job-search format.


How can you build your personal brand as a job candidate?

I know you can’t wait to start getting job offers from employers without necessarily searching. Trust me that feeling is heavenly!

Before this can happen, you need to learn to build your personal brand. Don’t be worried, this is easy. We have all you need to know to get started with your personal brand.


Instead of writing an informative article like we always do, we decided to make it even better for you. Guess what!

Just to help you land a job soon, we have prepared a FREE online training course titled PERSONAL BRANDING FOR JOB SEARCH. This course is designed to guide you step-by-step on how you can build your personal brand to attract employers.

This is what we did:

a. We put everything in place to make the training easy for you to participate in. This is why we made it an online training so that you can be a part of it even from the comfort of your couch (cool right?).

b. We got an amazing facilitator that will help you with everything you need to know about personal branding for job search (don't worry, you would meet with our facilitator during the training.)

c. We prepared an interesting gift for you because we know you will be amazing.

d. We planned the training in a way that you can interract with the facilitator in real-time. You can ask questions and have some of the materials that the facilitator will share during the training.

We know it would be easier for you to learn this way.

The amazing thing about this training course is that you would be given a certificate of course completion endorsed by MyJobMag. This training is open to all job candidates that are ready for a change. 


I know that you are ready to make a difference in your career, let's help you achieve it. Invite someone you thinks needs to attend the training.


Register now!


Venue: Zoom Live


Date: Wednesday, 1st of September 2021.


Time: 11am-12pm


Registration link: 


Expectation: Great!


I can’t wait to see you there. Cheers to a new chapter in your career.

Staff Writer

This article was written and edited by a staff writer.

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