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I Also Have Questions For You!

Updated on Nov 16, 2012 2905 views
Here are some possible questions to ask the interviewer:

  1. Who would supervise me?
  2. Can you describe a typical assignment?
  3. Are there opportunities for advancement?
  4. How do you train employees?
  5. What do you like most about working for this company?
An interview is not the time to ask questions about salary or benefits. You don't want to seem more interested in financial rewards than in contributing to the company. If the interviewer asks you about salary requirements, try to convey flexibility. The best time to discuss earnings is after you have been offered the job.

Before leaving the interview, make sure you understand the next step in the interview process. Find out whether there will be another round of interviews, whether you should provide additional information, and when a hiring decision will be made.

In my opinion, not asking at all is better than asking an irrelevant question, so it is very important to ask intelligent and relevant questions.

Finally, don't forget to thank the interviewer. And if you are interested in the job, say so.

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