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Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB) Interview Process, Questions and Answers

Updated on Oct 26, 2021 38606 views
Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB) Interview Process, Questions and Answers

Are you looking forward to securing a job at Guarantee Trust Bank?

Just like everyone else, I know you would love be a part of a prestigious organization like GTB, whether you are planning to start a career or build an existing one.

There are no doubts that working with a ‘big brand’ like GTB will help build you up in the corporate world and at the at the same time help you achieve your career ambition while you impact lives.

Knowing what it means to be a part of a great team like the GTB team is quite different from knowing how to work yourself into your dream company.

So how do you prepare yourself for an opportunity at GTB?

Opportunities may not fall on your lap, often times you have to go in search of opportunities that you would love to take.

Getting a job opportunity at GTB is something that you have to be intentional about. This simply means that you have to know what GTB is all about, where to search for job opportunities at GTB, and how to successful land the job.

So let’s work you through the whole process:


All You Need to Know about Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB)

Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB) is a high quality financial services provider with the urge to be the best at all times whilst adding value to all stakeholders.

Established in 1990, on a foundation of excellence, professionalism and best practices, the Bank’s consistent delivery of innovative financial solutions and exceptional customer experiences has enabled it to record year on year growth in clientele base and key financial indices since inception.

The Bank's achievements over the years has led to numerous accolades in recognition of excellent service delivery, innovation, corporate social responsibility and good corporate governance.

Guaranty Trust Bank vision is to build an enduring and Proudly African and Truly international Institution that plays a fundamental role as a platform for enriching lives by building strong, value adding relationships with our customers, stakeholders and the communities in which they operate.


Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB) Interview Process

Before you get to the stage that you will be invited for an interview section with GTB, it means that you must have searched for latest job openings and applied for your most preferred position.

There are different stages when it comes to GTB interview processes. These are the stages of the GTB interview;


Stage 1: Computer Based Assessment

This is the first stage of the GTB interview process, however, you must note that before you can complete the computer based test, you must have applied to a vacant position published by GTB that you are most interested in.

This is the simple process that should take place before you are asked to complete a computer based test:

  1. Search for GTB job openings
  2. Apply online for the position that you are most interested in
  3. Complete application procedures
  4. Wait for a response mail from GTB

If GBT finds you eligible and then considers your application, you would be invited to complete a computer based assessment. The computer-based assessment comprises of questions covering spatial reasoning, abstract reasoning, verbal reasoning, logical reasoning and data interpretation.

GTB computer-based test is just like any other computer based test. Giving you the exact computer-based questions that was asked in their previous interviews may not be very useful because the questions are changed.

To do well at GTB computer-based assessment, you have to prepare for it beforehand. You can make use of GMAT.

GMAT stands for the Graduate Management Admission Test that is designed to assess certain writing, quantitative, analytical, verbal and reading abilities.


Stage 2: Pre-Interview Documentation

This is the next stage of the interview after you must successfully completed the computer-based assessment.

After a successful computer-based assessment, you will receive an email from GTB about the successful completion of the computer-based test and an invitation to the next stage of the interview.

At this stage of the interview, a member of the Human Resources team will invite you for an informal chat. During the chat with the Human resources personnel, you will be probably be asked the following:

  1. You’d be required to provide evidence of relevant qualifications/credentials for verification
  2. Most times, you may be asked to write an essay. You will be given the topic and details to which you will need to write the essay.
  3. You will be told the document that you need to present so that they can verify.

Note: Always make a photocopy of the document that the bank requires of you before submitting it, so you don’t stand the risk of losing your documents.

To prepare for the essay that you may likely be asked to write, you can follow the following rules to make sure that your writing skills for the interview is well checked:

  1. Research well about the bank; this will help gather necessary information in case you are asked to write an essay that revolves around the company, their products or services.
  2. Get sufficient useful information about the banking industry in the country; It is also important for you to be knowledgeable enough about the banking industry at large and its operation in Nigeria. This will help you tackle the essay topic well in case the questions are coming from there.
  3. Be exposed to industry trends; When you are preparing for the essay, it is also important for you expose yourself to industry trends so that you can have the necessary information to tackle essay topics.

You can also follow these rules to help you write a compelling essay:

  1. Read the essay topic very well to be sure that you understand the angle from which they want you to write from.
  2. Make sure that you write a thesis at the beginning of your essay (A thesis is like a summary of your idea in the essay, it will consist of the ideas that you would love to share throughout the essay)
  3. Also follow the traditional format like;
  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion
  1. Also don’t forget to come to a conclusion, resolution, and your summary idea at the end of the essay.


Stage 3: Panel Interview

The panel interview is the third stage of the interview process. At this stage of the interview, you will be asked to some competency-based interview question at the panel interview section.

To excel in these stage of the interview, you have to show qualities and skills that the bank looks forward to seeing in a prospective hire.

See GTB’s Core 8 Values  

  1. Simplicity
  2. Professionalism
  3. Service
  4. Friendliness
  5. Excellence
  6. Trustworthiness
  7. Social Responsibility
  8. Innovation.

These Principles are known as “The Orange Rules” which reflects the Bank's vibrant orange corporate colour. 


To be successful at this stage of the interview, you need to have a good understanding of what a panel interview is all about to give you an idea of what you should look out for.

What is a panel interview all about?

Panel interview: Some employers like to gather different opinions about a candidate before they can decide whether or not to hire the person. The only way they can achieve this is to schedule a panel interview.

In a panel interview, you would be interviewed by a panel of interviewers. The panel may consist of different representatives of the company such as human resources, management, and sometimes employees. Most times each member of the panel may be required to ask you questions relating to their positions.


The trick to excelling in a panel interview is to treat every member of the panel with equal respect, because you may not know who the main person is. When answering a question in a panel interview, focus on the person asking you the question and remember to maintain eye contact with others from time to time. Panel interviews can be really scary especially if you have not done one before, which is why you should take a look at this panel interview tips to ensure your success.


GTB Interview Questions and Answers

Questions that Will Likely Come Up At this Stage of Interview and Answers

a. Why do you want to work with GTB?

When you are answering this question, you answer should be built around how your skills and values aligns with that of the company.

Sample Answer

“From your job advert, I understand that this company is looking for an experienced marketer that will grow the business and help the company stand out from its competitors. At my previous company, I increased the sales by 30% within the space of one year by devising targeted social media advertising strategy. I will definitely bring in that spirit of ownership and innovation to this company if I am given the opportunity.

Carefully examining myself, I understand that my work values seem to align to GTB core 8 values. I know this will be a good place for me to grow and contribute gainfully”


b. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

When hiring managers ask this question, they want to know how long you would love to stay in the company and if your vision aligns with that of the company. So you have to answer the question smartly.

Sample Answer

“In 5 years, I would love to complete my internal and external training program for my position. I have read about it on your website, and I think it is an amazing opportunity for me to learn. I don’t only look forward to getting the right training for my role, but it will quicken my journey to becoming a marketing manager which is my career goal. My ideal track would be creating awareness in rural areas. I learned that getting your product to rural places is of great value to you.”


c. If you Don’t Get this Job What Will You Do?

This question is just like a trap question, you have to be careful when you are answering this question so that you don’t make the mistake of making yourself lose the job.

Sample Answer

“As much as a I know that my skills, capabilities, and vision matches well with that of this company, and as much as I would love to work here if I don’t get this job, I will do my best to keep working on developing myself to be a great candidate while I look forward to getting a great job”


d. How do you handle an irate customer?

This is one question that you can say they will likely ask you. Working in financial institution like GTB that is customer-based, the hiring manager would like to know how you would deal with different types of people that you may come in contact with on a regular basis.

This is one of the most important question if you are going to take up a customer service or teller role in the bank.

Sample Answer

“At my previous job, a customer came in shouting at the top of her voice about the dissatisfaction that she experienced using our product. First of all, I made sure that the customer understood that her concerns were heard.

I listened carefully to all what she had to say, and then I apologized for any inconvenience that she must have experienced. I explained to her that I will not be able to refund her money, but I will make sure she get a new product that has the functionality that she looks forward to using our product.”


e. What are latest achievements?

Hiring managers usually ask this question because they want to know what tangible thing you have been able to achieve lately.

When answering this question, you should talk about tangible experience that could also emphasize your competency in the position that you are applying for.


Sample Answer

“One of my greatest achievement is that I was able to come up with a strategic plan that positively turned around the state of our market from 5% to 20% in one year. When I joined the marketing department at my previous place of employment, the team was really struggling and we were failing at meeting our target

My marketing plan brought in all the changes that we experienced at that time. And since then, we have been meeting and even surpassing our targets.”

You can how to answer other competency based questions that you might likely be asked here.


Step 4: Final Interview

This is the final interview process after you must successfully scaled through the other interviews. At this stage, you will have a one-on-one interview with members of the executive body of GTB.

You will be asked different questions that will include the competency questions. This will help the management team members find out if you are competent enough to take on the role.

During your interview sections with the members of the management team, you have to demonstrate industry knowledge and your passion/interest in the brand (GTB).

To be well prepared for the interview, you can take a look at this job interview checklist to make sure you are all caught up.

You should also note this process may take a while, so you have to be prepared to wait for some hours.


Step 5: Entry Level Training Scheme

At this stage, only candidates that have successfully passed the final interview will be given the opportunity to be a part of the four-month entry level program (EPL).

At the stage, candidates are effectively trained and tested on practical, technical and social aspects of banking.

At the end of the training, successful participants will be absorbed into GTB.


Important Things to Note about Guaranty Trust Bank Recruitment

  1. GTB job opportunities is open to anyone at different levels of their career. It means that GTB vacancies ranges from internship openings, graduate and specialist positions.
  2. It is possible for you to finally land a job in GTB if you prepare well to take the opportunity
  3. You can follow GTB on all their social media platforms like LinkedIn and even their website to make sure that you are abreast of information.
  4. You can also visit other websites to make sure that you don’t miss out on latest GTB job openings



We understand that your career growth is an important aspect of your life that is why it is our vision to help match great talents to great employers. Helping you work your way to become a great talents is what we are always happy to do.

As much as we are willing to help in the best of our abilities to make you ‘the big candidate’, we will also encourage you to take advantage of great opportunities and resources. Hope you found this post useful?

We wish you well as you look forward to pursuing a career in GTB.

Don’t forget to drop your comment, as we will be glad to look at your response and respond to your questions as well.

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