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72 Hours to The Job You Love
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What is Included

72 Hours to The Job You Love is a book that is designed to help you find and keep the job you want. That is why we included over 5 templates designed to help you succeed at each stage of the job-hunting process.
  • Career research – This template guides you through the process of choosing the right career.
  • Networking Scorecard – Become a network master with a step by step analysis of your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Preparing for interview template – Interviews are hard but when you use this template, you have the checklist that can help you pass any job interview.
  • CV templates – Do not reinvent the wheel. Pick from any of these winning CV templates and build a professional CV in seconds.

What's inside the book?

  • Chapter 1:

    Self Examination

    It is important that you do some reflecting to study your qualities, values, motives, skills, achievements and so on before embarking on the path to .. read morecareer development. This book acts as a guide to help you identify what your values and interests are; discover your passion and skills; then help you narrow down the work environment that suits you best while simultaneously building your work profile. show less

  • Chapter 2:

    Career Research (Understanding the World of Work)

    The second part of this book gives an in-depth explanation of the world of work. It examines the 21st century workplace in .. read moreNigeria and how it affects job seekers. It also gives insights to employers, industries, and occupations and gives directions on how to find which one is most fitting for you and how you can access less

  • Chapter 3:

    Finding A Job (How to Find A Job)

    This is perhaps the most essential part of the book – especially if you are a job seeker. It shows you the nitty-gritty of the job market. Networking ... read more – the most common way to find jobs is delved into fully, with pointers on how to build and expand your professional network to favor you. A mock-up scenario is depicted in this chapter, with 20 tested and proven questions to ask.
    Staying to the book’s relevance to the 21st century workplace, online job search is examined thoroughly. Why you should go online to find jobs, where to, how to go about it, how to avoid being scammed and many other nuances of the job market are detailed here. show less

  • Chapter 4:

    Writing A CV

    Knowing what you want professionally and how to achieve your goals would amount to nothing if you do not have a CV that clearly portrays you in the ... read morebest light. You will be taught how to write a good CV; what to include in it and what to leave out; how to create a CV from the scratch as a fresh graduate; all the frequently asked questions about CV writing and many others are answered with easy-to-understand templates and samples. show less

  • Chapter 5:

    Writing A Cover Letter (Winning The Job Search With Your Cover Letter)

    More often than not, you will be required to accompany your CV with a cover letter. Your cover letter can make or break your application, as a good cover letter would determine ... read moreif your application is reviewed or binned.
    Therefore, it is important that you know how to draw a quality one up. A guide to writing this is included in this chapter with tips on how to structure it, dos and don’ts of writing one as well samples for various professions. show less

  • Chapter 6:

    Preparing For Your Interview (Wining At The Interview)

    Arguably the biggest obstacle to securing your dream job is the interview process. You could have the best written CV and cover letter, but if you fumble your interview, your... read more chances of being employed is next to nothing.
    Knowing how to conduct yourself, prepare for and what recruiters look out for in an interview is essential. You will be shown how to deal with tough interview questions and be given a job interview preparation checklist here. show less

  • Chapter 7:

    Getting a Job Offer and Your First 30 Days on The Job

    When you do land the job, it is important you evaluate it to see if it is satisfactory for you. Sometimes, you might score multiple offers and be confused about which one to pick. This chapter directs you in making the choice that is most advantageous to you and... read more also provides assistance with negotiating your job offer(s) and work condition.
    In addition, your first 30-90 days on a job is a determining factor for your future in your workplace. In fact, in many places, it serves as a probationary period. It is, therefore, important that you know what to do as a new employee. This chapter gives a blueprint on how to succeed on your new job and excel professionally. show less

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Who is this book for?

You should read this book if you are:

Fresh Graduates


Undergraduates of Universities, Polytechnics and Other Higher Institutions


Working Professionals Seeking Career Advancement

Career Coache

Career Coaches and Mentors



About the book

Many times, you feel hopeless about landing your dream job.  With an alarmingly high unemployment rate of 27.1%, securing any job at all, talk more of the one you love, has gotten even more challenging. 

You feel stuck while seeing your mates make progress and struggle with building the perfect career you built in your head while growing up.

You are not alone. Job hunting is hard.

In fact, for every job vacancy posted, there are over 200 job applications. Most times, job seekers are encouraged to apply with little to no aid given to help ease their search and increase their chances of achieving success.Read More

In this highly competitive market, you need a strategy; a plan to help you get the job you love.

And that's exactly what this book comes in – it serves as a step-by-step handbook to help you understand what career steps to take and most importantly, how to land a job you love.

’72 Hours to the Job You Love’ works with the raw data and uniquely crafts ways for you to navigate these problems.

This is not the first book that would seek to address this growing issue. However, most of the other books are only theoretical. They do not walk you, one step at a time, through job hunting. The omission of the practical guidance by other authors was a motivation for me when putting this book together.

I sought to write a book that spoke to a layman with no knowledge of the job market at all; to act a personal guide to your optimum career success.
Not only does it give a breakdown job hunting tactics, it provides you with verifiable resource to secure your dream and excel on the job.

The content of this book is drawn from the experiences of me and my team, gathered from coaching, training, and hiring people who are in different stages of their careers.
This, combined with its practicality, sets it apart from other career-oriented books.

But most importantly, you will find practical worksheets, guides, and templates that you can start using immediately to get a hold of your career and job hunting.

This book is self-paced, so you can learn at a pace that works for you but if you are serious about it, you can read and get the best value from it in 72 hours.

In this book, you will learn:

  • How to discover yourself to know the kind of job that you will thrive in.
  • How to find out your career path (discovering the job field that matches your skills, personality, and interests).
  • How to research and find out the company that is good for you. This helps you to have a more focused and planned job search.
  • Where and how to search for the jobs that fit you.
  • How to prepare yourself for your future job (a step-by-step guide to prepare you for your dream job from start to finish).


Ogugua Belonwu

About the author

Ogugua Belonwu is the founder of MyJobMag, Africa’s largest career platform, with interests in career training, internship consultation, personalized job discovery, CV services, among others.

As a Product Manager with over 9 years experience in product strategy and people development, his commitment to nurturing and impacting knowledge is astounding.

After dealing with thousands of job seekers, he discovered a key problem with job seekers – lack of knowledge about landing their dream job. As a result of this, ’72 Hours to the Job You Love’ was born. This book was crafted by him to solve this problem of employer-employee quality and discovery.

Ogugua Belonwu

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Book Review

Ismail Eleburuike

My JobMag presents a must-read book for anyone considering new skills, job interviews and aspiring for a more promising future in life… Read this book - and learn from the best."

— Ismail Eleburuike, Founder, SchoolTry
Dr Alim Abubakre

I am delighted to recommend this value-adding book that would equip aspiring applicants with the requisite skill sets that they would need to excel in job interviews and develop the growth mindsets that they require to succeed on the job and continually aspire for greatness. I salute MyJobMag for always inspiring excellence and positively impacting society as exemplified by this engaging, relevant and insightful book.

Dr Alim Abubakre, Founder TEXEM, UK

72 hours is a result-driven book. When people talk about career paths, they usually sound vague. I had a better understanding after reading this book.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Why should I buy this book?

    This book is far from being “another job search book”. It contains all you need to know about how to find a job in one compact place; from finding out your career path, creating a great CV on the spot, mastering the job interview process, right down to tips to excel on your first job.

    Asides from the wealth of job search information that you will be exposed to, this book includes worksheets that help you plan your job search, prep you for interviews and ultimately walk with you to get your dream job. The worksheets will serve as a companion that will guide you at every stage of your job search. This will save you the time, effort and finance it will take you to search for different job search tips on the internet.

  • Is this book a soft or hard copy?

    The book is a soft copy. We will be sending the ebook (PDF) to your email on purchase.
  • When will I get the book sent to me after purchase?

    On payment confirmation, we will send the book to you in less than 72 hours.
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