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Unilever Young Entrepreneurs Awards 2019-2020 | Win €50,000 Cash

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Unilever Young Entrepreneurs Awards 2019-2020 | Win €50,000 Cash

The World needs to hear your Idea about your Sustainable Entrepreneurial Ideas through a Medium that is just for free. Do you know you can win up to €50,000 Cash Award in the  Unilever Young Entrepreneurs Awards 2019? The YEA 2019  promises to produce the best for a Sustainable Future.

Why Unilever Young Entrepreneurs Awards?

Unilever believes that the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals can only be achieved if we all start thinking and working differently. This translates into a real shift to meaningful partnerships and collaboration among all actors, from governments to NGOs to large corporations. Imagine what we can achieve together.

That’s why, six years ago, They launched the Unilever Young Entrepreneurs Award to honor and support the talented young innovators who face the world’s greatest environmental and social challenges and help them achieve their goals. significant impact.

Since the start of the awards in 2013, we’ve inspired more than 5,800 young sustainable entrepreneurs and their organizations, and we’ve provided support and funding tailored to 37 winners. From simple solutions that have a significant impact on child nutrition to innovative technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Every year we financially help eight winners in their growth – the winner of the HRH Award, the young prince of Wales’ sustainable entrepreneurs, receives € 50,000. All winners will participate in a residential accelerator program powered by the Institute for Sustainable Development at the University of Cambridge, followed by a year of mentoring support tailored to their needs.

This can range from business support to personal development coaching – all that is most needed for the success of this entrepreneur and his or her business. Where appropriate, we encourage entrepreneurs to open doors and build new business relationships – whether at Unilever or elsewhere.

Unilever understands that the problems of the world can only be solved by the ideas and talents of a new generation of leaders and future decision-makers who are as normal as we are and who are the future of sustainability. We see a great opportunity to support, inspire, reward, and collaborate with them to help them adapt and grow – both as individuals and as businesses.

If you are working on an innovative and scalable technology or initiative, or know someone who contributes to one or more of these three categories, we would welcome your input.

Who can Apply for the Unilever YEA 2019?

The Opportunity is opened for International Applicants who have what it takes to compete with other Applicants from other Countries of the world Including Africa. Applications are accepted from anyone (excluding Russia) between the ages of 18 and 35 (as of 29 June 2019).

Unilever Young Entrepreneurs Award Prizes

The Unilever Young Entrepreneurs Award will recognize eight winners, including the winner of the HRH Award in 2019. The eight winners will be selected from a rigorous evaluation process conducted at the University of Cambridge by the Leadership Institute for Sustainability, culminating in video interviews with our finalist selection panels.

  • All eight winners will be invited to an Accelerators program in Cambridge to personally jury-nominate a guest who will decide on the winner of HRH Prize 2019 competition before their final speeches.
  • Winners will have the opportunity to practice their pitches during Cambridge Accelerator, where they work with Cambridge University experts, Unilever and other speakers and enthusiastic guests.
  • The overall winner receives the HRH  Prince of Wales Sustainability Entrepreneur Award 2019.
  • All winners will attend a special event in London.
  • The overall winner of the “HRH Prince of Wales Sustainability Entrepreneur Award” will receive prize money of €50,000 and an individualized consultation tailored to his specific needs for a period of 12 months.
  • The remaining winners will each receive prize money of € 8,500 and individual advice tailored to their specific needs for a period of 12 months.

Check out List of Past Winners here:

How can I win the Unilever YEA 2019?

Unilever is looking for topnotch ideas relating to one or more of the three categories we’re focusing on:

  • Improve people’s health and well-being
  • Improve the health of the planet
  • Contribute to a fairer and more socially inclusive world

Whether it’s with an initiative, product or service, if you’ve gone beyond the idea stage and started to make an impact, we want to hear from you. Your Sustainable Entrepreneurial Idea must fall into these Categories.

Unilever Young Entrepreneurs Awards Eligibility

  • The competition is open to founders or co-founders, aged between 18 and 35 (as of 29 June 2019), of initiatives from any part of the world with the exception of those based in Russia, due to local data protection laws.
  • Initiatives must relate to at least one of the categories:
    • Improve people’s health and well-being
    • Improve the health of the planet
    • Contribute to a fairer and more socially inclusive world
  • Initiatives must have grown beyond the conceptual stage to an active organization or project with quantifiable impacts, e.g. already gaining traction among local communities or other markets.
  • Entries cannot be accepted from current Unilever employees, nor can entries promote Unilever or its products. However, the entrepreneur may have worked with Unilever in the past or may be working with Unilever currently as a third-party supplier.
  • Entries must be submitted in English.
  • If shortlisted, entrants will be required to submit further information in the form of a pitch deck OR business plan, and financial projections, by 23 August 2019 (further guidelines will be sent to shortlisted entries in the first week of August).
  • If shortlisted, entrants will be required to participate in a video call with a shortlisting panel on Thursday 19 or Friday 20 September 2019.
  • If shortlisted as a winner, entrants must be exclusively available to attend all parts of the accelerator programme in Cambridge, UK and subsequent Awards events in London, the UK from Sunday 24 November to Friday 29 November. Unfortunately, the inability to attend any part of the agenda due to a competing commitment will mean participants forfeit their place on the programme.

Judging Criteria

Entrants will be assessed on:

  1. Initiative summary: You should describe your initiative succinctly and communicate a compelling narrative that makes it stand out from the rest.
  2. Team: We are looking for founders/co-founders who are aspirational as well as inspirational, demonstrated through their dedication to making their venture work. Show us how you will or are already building a team who can support your venture now and in the future.
  3. Impact: Explain how your solution has an impact in your selected category, and how this impact can be measured through both quantitative and qualitative data. The best solutions will demonstrate social, economic, and environmental impact and the potential for scale. Entries that demonstrate both high impacts at a local level, and the potential for broader impact at a larger scale, will be evaluated equally on their own merit.
  4. Business model, including:
    1. Financial plan and growth: You should describe how your initiative is currently financially supported, as well as your vision for growth and scaling up. This should include a plan for how you will fund your initiative’s growth, and how you aim to achieve a sustainable financial model. The strongest entries will outline how your solution can be sustained without reliance on philanthropic donations or aid for core funding when established. Entries from for-profit, non-profit as well as new units of existing organizations will be considered.
    2. Innovation and competitor awareness: We want you to show us a degree of novelty, whether an existing initiative in a new context or delivering a different outcome, or a different approach to a known problem. Innovation is distinct from the invention by progressing from the lab into a real-world context with market applicability. This means your entry must demonstrate an awareness of competitors and alternative solutions and how your approach differs

Entries will also be evaluated on:

  • How the Awards process and prizes would impact the success of the initiative.
  • How effectively the entrepreneur is able to engage with relevant communities and stakeholders to realize the potential of the solution.
  • How the level of ambition is underpinned by the capability to deliver.
  • How the initiative contributes towards achieving change in the category of choice

Application Deadlines, Procedures & Guidelines

Applications must be submitted online through the Awards website. The competition opens at 00:00 BST on 07 May 2019 and closes at 23:59 BST on 30 June 2019.

Only individual entries are accepted. If your initiative has multiple founders, only one person can enter the competition. Entries are sought from individuals and we cannot accommodate co-founders in the competition process. Co-founders may, however, take part in the on-going mentoring process if the winning individual agrees to this.

Winners will be announced in September 2019. They will then be contacted by the Awards team to review their learning needs for the Accelerator Programme.

If shortlisted, winners must be able to commit to exclusive availability from Sunday 24 November to Friday 29 November to attend the Accelerator Programme in Cambridge, UK and the Awards Prize Event in London, UK, at which the ‘HRH The Prince of Wales Young Sustainability Entrepreneur Prize’ will be awarded to the stand-out entrepreneur across all the categories. Inability to attend any part of the required agenda due to a competing commitment will mean participants forfeit their place on the programme. The cost of travel to the UK and accommodation during your stay in Cambridge and London will be covered by the competition.

Support is provided to all Award winners and will be designed and structured around individual requirements through the Cambridge Accelerator Programme and mentoring for the 12 months following the announcement of the prizes.

All assessors and judges involved in the Awards are required to sign and honor a strict confidentiality agreement (NDA) to protect your personal information and business information provided through the Awards application.

Application Link

TO Enter the Competition you need to follow this link and fill the blank details. MAke sure every detail provided is very correct to avoid disqualification.

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