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MyJobMag 30 Day Work Challenge: Day 16: Reassess your goals.

Updated on Jun 04, 2019 1187 views
MyJobMag 30 Day Work Challenge: Day 16: Reassess your goals.

Welcome to Day 16 of MyJobMag 30 Day Work Challenge. The 30 Day Work Challenge is designed to help you get your footing solid either you are starting a new job or as a new manager. You can tweet at us @myjobmag to let us know how you are doing or if you have any questions.

So ready for today’s challenge?

It’s Day 16 already and I am sure you are settling down into your new role quite comfortably.

But what I want you to do today is something quite different. With all the knowledge you have gathered within the last 15 days, it is time to start to reassess your goals. Nothing can be worse than finding out at the end of this 30 Day that you are working towards the wrong set of goals.

So let’s put on some brake.

When you first started, you are full of hope, you have your own sort of goals you wanted to achieve but as you join and you learn more about the business, the management, your team and what is possible, you start to adjust your goals in line with the reality on the ground.

However, whatever your goals are, you need to keep reassessing them at crucial intervals. It would be a disaster to simply realize that there are things you could have done better only if you have had time to think more about them, rather than to just keep driving towards that one destination that you have chosen.

So I want you to stop today and reassess your goals because the next 15 days is going to be spent on actually achieving them.

Now that is all for today’s challenge. Join us on LinkedIn or share your comments below.

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