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7 Secrets to CV Success

Updated on Dec 09, 2021 15351 views
7 Secrets to CV Success

Do you know that there are secrets to succeeding in any area of life?

Well, there are. Many people that discover these secrets excel more than others that do not even if they are all in the same space.

If you are still in doubt, then have you considered why some people make it and others never do?

Just like every other aspect of life, there are secrets to landing a job. We cannot talk about all these secrets right away, but we will talk about CV secrets.

Yes, CV secrets.

The CV is one of the most important job search tools every job seeker needs to have. Unfortunately, many job seekers’ have CVs that are not good enough.

Do you know that many job seekers cannot get jobs because their CV is not good enough? 

If this is you, you do not need to worry because we have got you covered.

With over 10 years of talent sourcing and recruitment experience- Ogugua Belonwu (Founder of MyJobMag) shares seven secrets of CV success to help job seekers find their dream jobs.



1. QUALITY is more important than QUANTITY. 

You do not have to apply for every job that you see. Doing this will not make you intentional about the job that you are applying for. You have to tailor your CV to the job that you are interested in.

Sending in quality and a well-tailored application is better than sending many applications because you are desperate. Take time to send a few applications that will help you land the job of your dreams.

2. Avoid using a table on your CV

When you use tables on your CV, you may stand the risk of disqualification. ATS (applicant tracking system) may not recognize that you used a table. Sometimes, the format of your table can be easily disorganized when someone else views it.


3. Always follow the instructions on the job description

You must follow the employer’s instructions when sending in your applications. Some employers use this to disqualify job candidates. If you are asked to use a particular subject when sending your application, please use it.

Take some time to read the job description properly before sending your application.


4. Never send your CV in an image format

Do not be too lazy to write your CV if you need to instead of simply scanning it or taking a picture of your CV. ATS will not be able to recognize what you wrote on your CV.

Using an image format will also make it difficult for you to tailor your CV by adding related keywords. 

Always check your CV format before sending it in.


5. Examine your CV's grammar and spelling before applying for a job.

Employers and recruiters do not tolerate spelling and grammatical errors on a job candidate’s CV. Asides from that, it does not speak well of your personality and profession.


6. Don’t add a reference to your CV except it is required 

Adding a list of references to your CV is quite risky for the reference (for security reasons). You can state in your CV that it will be provided on request, better still you can leave out that information.


7. Always check your email every day

You must check your emails regularly. It is good you stay close to your emails especially when you just applied for a job. 

You should check your spam messages too. Sometimes, messages coming from companies can be easily directed to spam. This is why you should always check your spam messages.


Asides running one of the top job search and recruitment company in Africa, Ogugua is passionate about helping people find and develop a career they will be proud of.

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a. Career mapping is key…

Career mapping is important when you are searching for a job. Know the kind of job that you want before sending your application.

Do not send your application to any and every job advert that you see. Apply for only jobs that you are interested in or jobs that suit your skills and abilities.


b. Have a clear career goal

Know what you want to achieve before applying for a job. You should apply for jobs in a company/organization that will help you become better in your field.


c. Do not fear failure but rather fear not trying.

Stop being passive about your job search because you have been searching for years. Don’t be scared of not getting the job, instead, do your best to improve on yourself and update your CV.

Keep trying. Many people have landed good jobs without knowing anybody.

You have to decide what you want and work towards achieving it (the good news is that we are here to help every step of the way).



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  • Shenem Hassan
    Shenem Hassan Aug 06, 2021

    This came in quite handy for me. Thank you for all you do  Mr Ogugua

    • Rita Nzemeka
      Rita Nzemeka Sep 27, 2021

      We are glad that it came in handy for you. We look forward to being a part of your career success. Thank you so much for the kind words.

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