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MyJobMag 30 Day Work Challenge: Day 11 - Stay focused

Updated on May 30, 2019 1362 views
MyJobMag 30 Day Work Challenge: Day 11 - Stay focused

Welcome to Day 11 of MyJobMag 30 Day Work Challenge. The 30 Day Work Challenge is designed to help you get your footing solid either you are starting a new job or as a new manager. You can tweet at us @myjobmag to let us know how you are doing or if you have any questions.

So ready for today’s challenge?

Staying focused is difficult. There are tons of things you can work on and if you are like everyone, we are always trying to optimize for 10 or more metrics at the same time. But trying to work on 20 things at a time won’t cut it.

If you really want to achieve more, you need to make sure you are not half-assing anything.

So what should you be doing?

Simplify your metrics down. Ask yourself, out of all these things that I need to work on, which one thing is the most important that when I focus and achieve this, it will make a great difference.

One way to do that is to eat your frog first.

Eating your frog first is a metaphor for doing something that is not usually interesting. It means doing that particular thing that is probably most difficult but will make a huge impact if done.

You can start by asking yourself this question: Which metric or project is very important that if I work on it, it will get me closer to whatever KPI I have or am working on?

Then, double down on that single metric.  When you focus on this singular most important metric, you find out that you are able to achieve a lot. This principle is based on the Pomodoro technique which we will talk about later in this challenge.

Now that is all for today’s challenge. Join us on LinkedIn and let us know how you are faring.

PS: Missed any of the 30 Day Work Challenge? You can get to see Day 9 and Day 10 here.

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