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Indemand Jobs That Employers Find Hard to Fill in 2024

Updated on Jan 09, 2024 3667 views
Indemand Jobs That Employers Find Hard to Fill in 2024

Being in demand and earning good remuneration is everyone’s dream. According to a survey by Gallup, 64% of 13,085 respondents consider a significant increase in remuneration as key to taking up a new job.

However, commanding good remuneration is the result of three elements - demand, supply, and perceived value.

Demand focuses on the number of employers that seek your skills and services. Supply is the competition you face for the open positions - how many qualified people apply for the same position and how easily you can be replaced. The value you create in the Organisation also impacts the rate you will be offered for your services.

Based on our data report on the job search trend in Nigeria and our consulting experience, we put together the top jobs in Nigeria that are not only in demand, but employers are willing to put a top dollar for quality candidates.

Now is a good time to position yourself for these job roles in 2024.

Sales Executives

Sales Executives are people who close sales in Organisations. Depending on the size and structure of the Organisation, you may be involved in lead acquisition, nurturing, and eventual closing of sales. In some businesses, the marketing team is separate from the sales team. This enables the sales team to focus on closing deals rather than lead acquisition.

With the economic challenges in Nigeria, many companies are working twice as hard to sustain revenue. This means seeking competent sales experts to lead and drive sales. Also, since sales is result-oriented and your performance is measured based on conversion, many candidates shy away from sales.

This creates an opportunity for passionate candidates to make a kill in sales. 

If you are considering a career in sales, focus on companies that consider sales an integral part of the company, providing robust remuneration, benefits, and performance allowance. 

Apply for Sales jobs in Nigeria


Business Development Executives

In Nigeria, Business Development Executives are sometimes used interchangeably with Sales Executives. However, Business Development Executives focus on identifying Organisations’ potential customers, whereas Sales Executives focus on closing deals.

With Organisations repositioning and launching new products amidst the tough business climate, hiring business developers is critical. Business Development Executives study competitors, the market, and identify potential clients and customers. 

As this is a result-driven role, many candidates consider this role challenging. This creates an opportunity for resilient candidates who desire to grow and become leaders in Organisations.

View Business Development Jobs in Nigeria


Digital Marketing Experts

Digital Marketing Experts are in high demand by Organisations looking to capture leads and businesses online. With a large volume of website visits driven search, email and social media, Organisations are beginning to prioritise their online channels.

In-demand digital marketers focus on conversion and value and not vanity metrics that do not impact the bottomline. The key skills in-demand digital marketers should possess include SEO, content marketing, email marketing and conversion rate optimisation.

To get started in digital marketing, take a digital marketing course, build a blog, and consistently practice the skills you acquire.

Apply for Digital Marketing Jobs


Mid and Senior Level Software Engineers

Software Engineers develop web and mobile solutions for businesses to either improve their business processes or offer a new service to customers.

However, the demand is mainly for experienced professionals who can deliver value with minimal supervision. Employers globally offer above-average salaries to experienced software engineers who can build quality software.

As an entry-level software engineer, developing a consumer-facing solution with proven demand is essential. This helps you improve your skills, gain real-world experience and build your work-ready portfolio.

Apply for Software Engineer vacancies.


Internal Control Experts (Finance, Operations, Security)

Internal Control Experts focus on creating and monitoring processes designed to ensure the integrity of systems - financial, operations or security processes. This is a key function in businesses of all sizes to ensure losses are minimised, while maximising profit.

This role is becoming increasingly crucial as Directors of local businesses in Nigeria continue to relocate and Nigerians in the diaspora increasingly open businesses in Nigeria. Also, as the hardship in Nigeria continues to bite and many Nigerians live under the poverty line, the tendency of some employees to engage in sharp practices is on the rise.

This creates opportunities for professionals in the audit, security, and finance space who are interested in internal control.

View and apply for Internal Control jobs.

Experienced HR Officers (Talent Acquisition and Retention Experts)

HR Officers are important for the smooth running of any Organisation. Human Resource professionals manage all people processes from hiring to exit.

However, with the increased competition for top talent, employers continue to look for experienced talent acquisition, learning and development and staff retention experts. Employers value HR experts who know how to find rare talents and how to retain them in Organisations.  

To set yourself apart in this space, personal branding and positioning are important, from having a huge relevant following on LinkedIn to sharing thought leadership pieces.

Apply for HR jobs


Medical Professionals

With the recent japa wave attracting thousands of medical professionals, including nurses, doctors, radiographers, etc., there is an increasing lack of qualified medical professionals in Nigeria.

This creates an opportunity for young Nigerians passionate about healthcare to consider three or four-year medical-related programs to fill these open positions.

While this may appear challenging, it comes with a high return on investment.

View healthcare jobs in Nigeria



Candidates should remain agile and flexible, adapting to the needs of the market. Agility and flexibility are critical soft skills to excel in 2024.

You can use the comment box below to let us know any job role that is indemand and also hard to fill.


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