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How to Get Retained After NYSC

Updated on Apr 15, 2019 10105 views
How to Get Retained After NYSC

Keeping a job generally is a decision that first has to be made by the employee before anyone else. This article will, however, focus on interns and NYSC members who are currently serving or interning in Organizations.

You have to make the decision to be retained by considering if your current job description is in line with your career path and if the work environment is structured to ensure growth both personally and professionally.

Here are some in-depth tips that will make it difficult for the organization to let you go. Your employer will be ready to do almost anything to see that you are retained by the time you are done imbibing these tips.

Are you eager to discover the secrets to being indispensable at your place of primary assignment?

Let’s get to it quickly…

1    Develop A Good Work Attitude.

 According to Wikipedia, a work attitude is a set of evaluations of one's job that constitute one's feelings toward, beliefs about, and attachment to one's job. It is basically your general response to work-related things.

 Some examples of positive work attitude include:

  • Commitment to your job
  • Rendering help to your colleagues
  • Be Positive
  • Complain less

Some negative work attitude includes:

  • Rumour mongering
  • Laziness
  • Rudeness
  • Lackadaisical behaviour towards work related things.

A good work attitude can never be over-emphasized. You can give the organization a reason to keep you with your work attitude.

Show your employer how professional and dedicated you can be with your duties and responsibility.    


     2     Be Punctual.

Tardiness is usually a major issue of employers with interns. It is also bad for the organization’s output and productivity. Employees that are never on time, making excuses to be absent from work from time to time will find it difficult gaining points from their employees. If there is an important need to be absent from work, I am sure your employer will be understanding and willing to permit your time.

     3     Ensure You Develop A Good Work Relationship.

Developing a good work relationship at your workplace can be a bit dicey. In the bit to want to be “cool” with your colleagues, you might end up overdoing some things which might cause them to perceive you as being fake.

Be someone whose presence is missed when you are not around. Be known for good things, smile often, be real, be friendly and approachable,  joke when it is time to joke, and get serious when it is time for that as well.

A good work relationship with your colleagues will matter when the organization wants to make a decision to retain you or not.

      4    Ensure You Are Adding Value to the Organization.

Adding value is one of the biggest secrets of getting retained in any organization. No employer wants to let go of an employee that is making waves for the organization. It is important as an intern who would like to be retained to be able to add value to the organization where you are interning.

Be the best at what you do, be innovative and creative. You have to be in tune with the system, give your best, be responsible for what you are employed to do, come up with life-changing ideas and share them with the right people.

When it comes to making lay-off decisions, and the company has to choose, your employer will keep the most productive employees. Make sure you’re one of them.    

       5   Be Diverse.

Diverse generally means having knowledge about a lot of things. Being diverse in your job role is a trait any intern that wants to be retained should possess. Be willing to go out of your job description. Learn new things in the process.

Develop the spirit of learning, unlearning and re-learning. No man is an island of knowledge. Always be ready to learn new things that will be beneficial to both you personally and the organization as well. Unlearn anything that does not work for you or the organization and then re-learn all over again.

Life is full of perspectives, strategies and formulas. What works for you generally might not work for you where you find yourself, so just be willing to adapt.

       6   Be Goal and Result Oriented.

Being a goal-getter will always set you above your peers. Always be at the top of your game. Set goals and standards for yourself periodically depending on your capabilities. Strive for the achievements of such goals and objectives. As an intern, do not feel over-used even when it may seem so sometimes. Be a high achiever of results and you will most certainly find favour in the sight of the right people who will be in charge of making the decision to retain you.

       7   Develop Personal and Professional Skills.

Developing oneself is not only beneficial to the organization but also to you. Take online classes, improve your knowledge base, attend seminars and just get better generally. It shows your boss that you are willing to keep learning and improving. Learn better ways of communicating and working under different conditions.

       8    Make Sure Your Manager Likes You.

This is also a very important tip but it can be easily misinterpreted to be eye service. Do the right thing at the right time. Ensure you put in your best in whatever duty or responsibility that is assigned to you. Be able to strike a balance between doing the right things that will make your manager like you and eye service or notice me. It will be tragic if your boss realizes that you are only doing what you do to gain favor from him.


Final Thoughts

According to Hunter S. Thompson, “Anything worth doing is worth doing well”. You can as well maximize your one year service or internship and make the most out of it. Be your best, Do your best, Be a high achiever, and in the end if there is an opening at your place of primary assignment, you will definitely be among those to be retained.

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