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How to Pass NNPC Aptitude Test 2022

Updated on Jul 05, 2022 61891 views
How to Pass NNPC Aptitude Test 2022

Have you applied for the recent NNPC 2109 job vacancies and waiting to write the aptitude test?

Writing an aptitude test sure comes with lots of preparations. To help you prepare well for the NNPC aptitude test, we compiled these tips to help you ace the aptitude test.

In this article, you will learn;

  • How to tackle NNPC quantitative reasoning aptitude test questions
  • How to answer NNPC verbal reasoning aptitude test
  • How to answer NNPC spatial/abstract reasoning aptitude test
  • About General knowledge and current affairs aptitude test questions
  • Why companies Like NNPC set aptitude test
  • How to prepare for NNPC aptitude test
  • All about NNPC 2019 aptitude test

To ace the aptitude test and to land your dream in Nigeria’s NO.1 oil and gas company NNPC, you have to prepare well for likely test questions. To help you prepare, we have compiled a list of aptitude test questions below for you to practice.

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How to tackle NNPC quantitative/numerical reasoning aptitude test questions

Numerical reasoning tests demonstrate your ability to deal with numbers quickly and accurately. These tests contain questions that assess your knowledge of ratios, percentages, number sequences, data interpretation, financial analysis and currency conversion.

Sample quantitative/numerical reasoning test questions

Question: Which member of the Sales Team had the highest total sales value in March?

  • Manjod 
  • Otto
  • Estere
  • Hamish

In this question, Manjod is the correct answer.

To work this question out you need to multiply each team member’s sales by the price of the product and then add them together.

For example, for Manjod:

Rotavators (10 x £120 = £1200) + Ride on Mowers (8 x £400 = £3200) + Pile Drivers (5 x £380 = £1900) = £1200 + £3200 + £1900 = £6300.

Top Tip: When you get a question like this save time by checking whether there are any potential answers you can discard straight away.

Estere, for example, has lower sales than Manjod on all categories and therefore can’t have the highest sales; there’s no point spending time calculating what her total sales value is.



How to answer NNPC verbal reasoning aptitude test

The NNPC verbal reasoning test usually access your ability to understand and comprehend things. Usually, you will be presented with a short passage of text which most times will require you to interpret before answering the questions.

The question most times takes the multiple choice format, True or false, or simple the interpretations option format. There are lots of alternatives too.

Sample verbal reasoning aptitude test questions

Many retailers find it useful to employ temporary workers in the run up to Christmas. This ensures that they have enough employees in the shops to cover the very busy Christmas shopping period. Using temporary workers is a cost effective way of meeting seasonal demand as temporary workers are usually paid on a fixed rate without the usual entitlement to paid holidays. However, one challenge of using temporary workers is ensuring that all staff provide adequate levels of customer care and customer complaints tend to increase in the Christmas shopping period.

Which of the Following Statements Is True?

Statement 1: Temporary workers are given the same entitlement to paid holidays as permanent staff.

Answer = False.

Explanation: The passage clearly states that ‘temporary workers are usually paid on a fixed rate without the usual entitlement to paid holidays’.

Statement 2: Retailers find the Christmas shopping period particular busy.

Answer = True.

Explanation: The passage says that retailers need additional employees to ‘cover the very busy Christmas shopping period’.

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How to answer spatial/abstract reasoning aptitude test

Abstract reasoning tests assess your logical reasoning ability. The questions measure your ability to study and infer a set of rules from a flowchart or sequence of diagrams and then to apply those rules to a new situation to see how they work.


Question: Identify the odd one out

For example, in this question some of the squares have three items in and some have four – you need to work out whether or not that is important. In this particular case, there are two rules. The first is that the largest shape must be grey, and the second is that the bottom shape must be black. The odd one out is therefore C, as the bottom shape is stripey and not black.

This article is first seen here. Click to view more abstract reasoning aptitude test questions

Source: Practice Reasoning Test



About General knowledge and current affairs aptitude test questions

The NNPC aptitude test usually consist of general knowledge and current affairs questions. These questions doesn’t just take the normal format of general knowledge questions because there field  field specific questions.

Some field specific questions may appear under the general knowledge section of the test depending on the position the candidate is applying for.


Why companies set aptitude tests

Companies like NNPC set interview questions to analyze how skilled a candidate is to performing a general or specific role. The test is used to evaluate the intelligence of the candidate and also help determine the candidate’s skills or specialized interest.

The aptitude tests usually help discover the aspects that an individual is naturally good at, and help in selecting an appropriate job position for that person.


All about NNPC 2019 aptitude test

The NNPC aptitude test is designed to help the organization in selecting appropriate candidates to fill their vacant positions. The test serve a means for the company to choose the best talents to fill in the different vacant positions according to the field of study.

The test is usually in four sections, and candidates will be given 120 minutes to answer 120 questions. The test sections include:

  • Quantitative reasoning questions
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Spatial / Abstract reasoning
  • General knowledge/ Current affairs

2019 NNPC recruitment aptitude test will likely be administered by JAMB.


How to prepare for NNPC aptitude test       

Top companies use aptitude test for their selection process, so if you look forward to winning at your aptitude test, the how you should prepare to pass your aptitude test.

  • Know the aptitude test format: understanding the aptitude test format can help you even start preparing right for the test far before the set date. See test format above.
  • Plan a strategy: When preparing for the test, it is important for you strategize on your approach to tackling the test questions. You can do this by discovering sections that you are good at and focus on them. This will help save your time.
  • Practice regularly: Often time, in the NNPC aptitude test some questions recur, so practicing those questions will definitely help you answer similar questions in few seconds when you come across them. You can follow the links above to practice aptitude test questions.
  • Get used to the means: You should get used to the test means to avoid unnecessary time waste. The NNPC 2019 aptitude test means will be online. You can practice writing aptitude test online with a desktop to sure you can figure out your way through using a computer if you are not computer literate.
  • Follow instructions: Follow instructions that will be given to avoid being disqualified from taking the test. You should stick to your strategies to help you manage time.

Remember to be calm and composed while writing the test. Avoid guessing, because the board may make use of negative marking.

Preparing for the 2019 NNPC test with our tips, aptitude test past questions and answers, advice will help you take the aptitude test with great accuracy and confidence.

We will keep you updated on the NNPC 2019 recruitment. You can apply for the here if you are yet to apply.

You can also check NNPC salaries on Mysalaryscale

Feel free to drop your questions in the comment sections below.

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