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The Nigerian French Village - Language Immersion Programme 2013 for Undergraduates

Updated on Oct 31, 2012 3211 views
The Nigerian French Village (inter-University Centre for French Studies) Language Immersion Programme for 300-Level French Students in Nigerian Universities and Colleges of Education in Penultimate Classes.

The attention of the general public, especially stakeholders: Vice Chancellors, Deans and Heads of French Departments in Nigerian Universities and authorities of other tertiary institutions that offer degree and certificate in Education (NCE) programmes in French, is hereby drawn to the 2013 Language Immersion Programmes at the Nigeria French Language Village.

The Language Immersion Programme is an integral part of BA/BEd programme as well as NCE Certificate in French, in Nigerian Universities and Colleges of Education respectively. It is necessary at this point to remind parents and all stakeholders that the Nigeria French Language Village is the only institution accredited and duly certified by the Federal Government to offer the mandatory Language Immersion Programme (LIP) for undergraduates of French in their Penultimate classes.

To this effect, the Federal Government of Nigeria has consistently made quality investment in the Nigeria French Language Village, to ensure that not only is the Institution the nations inter-university centre for French studies adequately staffed, requisite infrastructural and logistics back-ups are also in place to provide the most rewarding fully residential Language Immersion experience for prospective participants from the nations institutions of higher learning. With the sustained support of the French Government through its Embassy in Nigeria, the Nigeria French Language Village disposes of the best and most current, state-of-the art language teaching aids and audio-visual equipment that facilitate the effective teaching of French as Foreign Language. The Village also maintains an e-Library on French studies.

At the Nigeria French Language Village, intensive language contacts are handled by seasoned and dedicated French Language experts who are trained both in Nigeria and in France. Our Language Immersion Programmes in the Nigeria French Language Village, are laced with various socio-educative activities, which include games and sports, debates, talk shops, film shows and excursions to neighboring francophone countries. All activities at the Nigeria French Language Village are conducted in French.

Courses run under the University Language Immersion Programme in the Village are certified as 100% compliant with the Benchmark Minimum Academic Standard (B-MAS) of the National Universities Commission (NUC)

This is the mandatory one academic year Language Immersion Programme for 300 level French students from all Nigerian Universities and degree-awarding Colleges of Education.

i. Duration of Programme: One (1) Academic Session divided into two (2) Semesters
ii. Fees for one Semester: N40,000.00
iii. Fees for full session: N75000.00

This amount covers Accommodation, Examination, Socio-Educative activities, Group Insurance, Medical Care e.t.c. Students are however expected to be responsible for their feeding, personal upkeep and books, as it is in the conventional universities.

iv. RESUMPTION: 8th January, 2013

With the systematic drop in the quality of NCE French graduates on the field, efforts have been made to ensure that the level of the trainee teachers at the end of the NCE Language Immersion Programme improves to a very high standard. Hence, the collective decision of stakeholders to upgrade their Language Immersion Programme from eight (8) weeks to twelve (12) weeks.
The Language Acculturation Programme for the NCE Students is therefore structured in such a way that at the end of their stay in the Village, they should be able to confidently articulate and write good French.

i. Duration of Programme 12 (twelve) weeks
ii. Fees: N30,000.00
iii. Resumption: 1st Batch: August, 2013;  2nd Batch: November, 2013

i. EXCURSION: It is mandatory for any student/participant enrolling for Village programmes to come with their International Passport or ECOWAS travel document.

ii. Online Registration:
Registration into Village Programme is done online on the Village website:

iii. Mandatory Letter of Undertaking:
Students from the Universities and Colleges of Education are expected to report with individual letters of undertaking duly signed by their respective Heads of Department.

iv. Medical Test:
Students on arrival are encouraged to undergo medical test to determine their fitness.

v. For further information you may please call:
08028208249; 08034713954; 08128208266; 08128208236; 08033281639

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