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Why Should We Hire You? (Best Approach to Tackling the Question)

Updated on Oct 20, 2021 10091 views

Have you been asked; "why should we hire you" during a job interview?

This is one of the most common job interview questions you should be prepared to answer.Recruiters and employers ask this question because they want to know why they should choose you over someone else. 

Creating a winning CV and an amazing cover letter is important, but what is most important is preparing effectively for the interview session itself. Most people are not used to selling themselves to a prospective employer, but when the employer asks: “why should I hire you?” at this point it becomes obvious that they have no choice but to just sell themselves in an appealing manner that the hiring manager cannot imagine hiring someone else.

It is very important to prepare for this question before going for an interview because it can determine to a large extent whether you will get the job or not.

Even when you expect to be asked this question (why should we hire you?) during an interview, you may find it demanding to come up with an appropriate answer. Literally, it may sound like the hiring manager wants you to demonstrate the fit between your skills and the job requirements. However, there is more to this interview question than what is actually vocalized.

You should note that an interview is just like an art form, so simply memorizing a script may not be a good approach to achieving success in an interview.

Before we give out tips on how to answer this question, we would like to, first of all, examine the reasons why employers ask this question.


What the Recruiter wants to Find Out when they ask: Why should we hire you?

Most job-seekers just think or assume that the recruiter wants to just ridicule them by asking them a question they already know the answer to? Many candidates will be like “Why should you hire me?” you know why you want to hire me so why ask me. If that has been your mindset, then it is time to change that, because there are genuine reasons why a recruiter would ask you that question. The recruiter wants to find out the following;

  • If you are the right person for the job?
  • If you fit into the company’s vision?
  • Your genuine reason why you want the job?
  • If you will be committed to the job?
  • If you know what you are there for or you are just about getting the job?
  • If you fit into the company’s value?
  • If you get the clear picture of the person that fits into the job?
  • If your interest in the company is genuine or if it is selfish?


How to Correctly Answer The Interview Question "Why Should We Hire You"

This question is one question you can hardly escape during an interview, so it is advisable to prepare well for it. The following tips will help you answer the question well

  • Take Time to Research the Company and the Job Role

Before you go for an interview, it is very important for you to take your time to research the company and job role. Researching the company helps you relate the fit between your qualification and the requirement for the position. Start your research by reading the job description carefully. Highlight the skills, personality traits, and experience required for the job. After considering the following above, answering the question will be much easier.

See sample answer

“Looking at what you do, and listening to your talk about the position, it sounds like you need someone who has exceptional people management skills. During my time at ABC Company, I built a track record of managing a large number of people and bringing them together to achieve organizational goals”.

  • Ask the Interviewer Questions

It is always important to ask the interviewer a question. It makes you much more comfortable to answer the interviewer’s question much more confidently. Asking your interviewer questions can also help with answering the interviewer’s questions too.

When you ask questions, you give the recruiter the opportunity to talk about the company or the job role and probably even answer his own questions indirectly. You can ask questions about the role and what the interview is looking for in a prospective candidate indirectly.

As much as it is important to ask questions, you should also ask questions at the right time. Interrupting the recruiter or being too forward will not be a good idea during an interview. You should wait for the recruiter to ask you if you have any question before you can ask, or you can wait for the recruiter to end his statement before you ask your question.

You can also ask questions to sustain the conversation between you and the recruiter.

  • Find the Company’s Major Challenge Regarding your Role and Present a Solution

Just like we said earlier, recruiters are always looking for candidates that can proffer a solution to an existing problem. So when you are asked the question “Why should we hire you?” sometimes the recruiter wants to know how you help the company’s current situation.

Researching about the company can help you discover the company’s challenges and also helps

You suggest possible solutions.

  • Speak of your Ability to Learn Quickly

When answering this question, it is important for you to speak about your ability to learn quickly. Even if many people may not see this as necessary, it is very necessary to speak of how you can learn fast even if you are looking at an opportunity that is a natural extension of what you did in your recent job, every company is different, and there are always new methods to learn. Address your ability to learn quickly when you answer this common job interview question.

Sample Answers to the interview question: Why should we hire you?

Question: “You are applying for the post of a Project manager? Why should we choose you against other people that have the same experience and qualification as you?


When I read the job description I noticed you were looking for an experienced project manager. As stated on my resume I have over 5 years of experience as a project manager, but what I think really sets me apart from other candidates is my ability to combine my project management skills with my people skills. I enjoy interacting with customers and know that a happy customer is a repeat customer. My passion for the job I do drive my productivity every day.

Question: Why do you think we should hire you for this position?


I think that my experience with technology and my ability to maintain and update websites, make me a good match for this position. In my most recent position, I was responsible for maintaining our department’s web page. This required updating the department profiles, and posting information about upcoming events. I learned to code in JavaScript. I then used my coding skills to revamp our homepage and received praise from our department head and the Dean of Students for my initiative. I would love to bring my coding skills and my general passion for learning new technologies in this position.

The most trusted and surest ways to achieve success in an interview is by preparing well for the interview. Do you want to learn how to answer the question "what is your greatest weakness? Click here to get answers to this interview question

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