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Top Education Blogs in Nigeria to Follow in 2024

Updated on Jan 13, 2024 15214 views
Top Education Blogs in Nigeria to Follow in 2024

What are the top education blogs in Nigeria?

As we know, education is the bedrock of any successful individual or society. Today, have decided to run through the top education websites and blogs that provide you with up to date educational content.

It is important to note that we have chosen these websites/blogs based on their popularity by Alexa rank and monthly visitors. This list is meant to be a living document. If you think we missed any resource, please send us an email or just drop it in the comment.

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These are The Top Education Resource Blogs in Nigeria:

  • ClassNotes
  • MySchoolGist
  • Iproject
  • NigeriaScholars
  • DailySchoolNews
  • MyPastQuestion
  • NgStudents
  • Schoolnews
  • MartinsLibrary
  • Benten Blog
  • LearnallPro

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top education blogs in nigeria


Let's dive in



Finally, Nigerian students can access world-class secondary school education online as disruptive ed-tech site goes public. provides every Junior and Senior Secondary School (JSS1 to SS3) student freedom to learn the curriculum-specific subjects and topics they want when they want it, and at the pace they want it. All content available in First, Second and Third Terms across all subjects. Check it out here

As one of the leading education blogs in Nigeria, proves to be a resourceful and reliable blog with Alexa rank below 38,000, still remains one of the most resourceful education blogs in Nigeria. This blog is a recommended one for students and youths. is one of the top education blogs in Nigeria that brings you news on education in one of the most informative and entertaining ways. If you are looking forward to getting reliable university news at your fingertips then, is that one good blog you should visit. With Alexa ranking of below 39,000, proves to be serving its audience with worthy content.

If you are searching for the latest news on education in Nigeria, then is the right place for you, as you are exposed to the latest updates from higher institutions in Nigeria. The blog also gives useful information relating to national exams and forms.

This blog is a great resource for young school leavers in pursuit of education. With an Alexa ranking above 90,000, is still one of the most helpful and resourceful websites.




Flash Academy is ranked the best education website/blog created by Oyeniyi Michael Barry (a Mechanical Engineering student) with an Alexa rank of 304,655 in the world. When it comes to Educational posts, latest school news, jamb updates, Nigeria information, Legal information and many more to students and of course international visitors.

Since its inception in 2019, FlashAcademy has helped thousands of students in Nigeria and other parts of the world to gain admission by providing free and quality content for examination preparation.

FlashAcademy is of no doubt one of the best Education Websites in Nigeria loved by both parents and students. If you want authentic education, research and resourceful information.



Flashschoolgist Is of no doubt a top education Nigerian website that has become popular over a short time. I actually mentioned this online platform because it is an authentic and reliable education blog. I have read countless articles there. So I know exactly why this blog needs to be included. was created to prepare students for the post UTME examination in Nigeria. The website of course is currently one of the best for education updates and news in Nigeria. At Flashschoolgist, you can get exam preparation tips, admission news, Scholarly works and even JAMB/WAEC updates for free.




Epinvouchers is an active education blog in Nigeria. The blog features up to date education content, career advice, information about schools and education news in Nigeria. If you are looking for an education platform, then you have come to the right place. Check it out here:

Ranking about 100000 on Alexa, have been a very insightful website for students and educationist alike. Aside from the update on school news and information, Nigerian scholars .com also offer tutorials on any subject. With the standard info on this blog, we can say that it is more than just a blog

Apart from news and updates on admission and examinations in Nigeria, also gives information like; Top universities in Nigeria, unaccredited courses, admission without jamb and much other information that are very useful to students like; choosing courses and also the university to attend. With a rank of 1000000 Alexa ranking, has proven to be one of the top education blogs in Nigeria.

If you want to prepare effectively for exams in Nigeria, then is the right place for you to get access to and information concerning different examinations in Nigeria. Just as their slogan says “practice for the exam, sit for exams and pass exams”, is one of the best online platforms in Nigeria that focus on the importance of helping students prepare for and pass exams.

Apart from providing their users with past questions on different subjects, provides other information like scholarship updates, job vacancies, and news on NYSC. With a rank of 100000 on Alexa ranking, is still regarded as one of the most engaging educational blogs in Nigeria.

Just as the name implies, is regarded as one of the best educational blogs in Nigeria that brings the most informative and entertaining news to students in Nigeria. doesn’t just present students with news and updates about Nigerian universities, but it includes news about students and youth events all around the world.

The unique thing about is that it brings students and youths around the world together, to share ideas and information on education and other issues of their interest.

With Alexa rank of 500000, still stands out as one of the best educational blogs in Nigeria

One of the most amazing things about is that it offers admission help to students seeking admission into tertiary institutions in Nigeria. Aside from the information and updates, it gives about universities in Nigeria, also give scholarship information. The blog is education, scholarship and job portal.

With Alexa rank of 15000000, it is still regarded as one of the top education blogs in Nigeria, especially with the admission aid offer. like other education blogs in Nigeria provides education news and updates to students in Nigeria. With a rank of 10000000 on Alexa ranking, still stands out as one of the most resourceful education blogs in Nigeria that provides up to date news on school updates and job opportunities. is one of the best blogs in Nigeria that provides educational information to Nigerian students. Aside from providing educational information to students like; past questions, examination updates, main aim is to provide materials for writing books, projects, seminars, proposals, articles, journals etc. for both business and educational purposes.

One of the amazing things about this blog is that it provides an avenue for writers to access the material. With Alexa rank of 100000, also provides news and update on different subjects like politics, marketing etc.




Triplegltd is an education platform that shares updated news, article and resource about the education sector in Nigeria and Africa. Check out the blog today

Just like most educational blogs in Nigeria, is one of the top Nigerian educational blogs that aims at providing news and update about Nigerian universities and polytechnics. This blog is a very resourceful one for admission seekers in Nigeria. With Alexa rank of 200000, is still one of the blogs in Nigeria that provides good information and up to date news to students and Nigerian youths generally. is a blog spot that focuses on educational news and updates. If you want to know the latest news on education in Nigeria, I think is the blog for you to visit, because it brings you the latest news on Nigerian universities’ admission, courses and etc.

This blog also provides job vacancies and internship opportunities to Nigerian youth. With an Alexa rank of 1000000, still stands strong as one of the top education blogs in Nigeria. is another good education blog that provides news updates to students and admission seekers. is one of the best education blogs in Nigeria that gives information and news update about universities, polytechnics and colleges of education.

Students and aspiring young Nigerians will find this blog very helpful. With Alexa rank of 12000000, still remains one of the top Nigerian education blogs.



LearnAllPro is an education website for Nigerians that covers extensively JAMB, Admission, WAEC, Career and Admission guides. It was founded by Fashina Samson, a young blogger and biochemist in Nigeria. With an Alexa rank of 534,000, Learnallpro is growing rapidly and is a very good resource website for Nigeria students that are looking for guides that can help them with their studies. It was created in August 2019 and is becoming more of a Nigeria wikiHow for students. You can find articles on JAMB, admission list, career guides, WAEC, school news, etcetera on it.


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Top Education Blogs in Nigeria


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