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MyJobMag Reader's Digest #1 - Giving Your Career A Boost

Updated on Oct 30, 2017 2260 views
MyJobMag Reader's Digest #1 - Giving Your Career A Boost

There are usually hundreds of career articles posted every month. The challenge is “how do you keep up with the best articles while not getting bulged down with the well silly ones”.

That is why we are introducing MyJobMag Reader’s Digest- a monthly curation of the best career articles from around the world.

This month edition focuses on how to clean up your social media accounts and get your resume seen by recruiters. Want career tips on the go? 


Let’s dive in.


  1. How to Clean Up Your Social Media Account by KeppieCareers 

    The impact on social media and career cannot be over emphasized. We have seen social media horror stories. That is why it is important that when job hunting, making sure that your social media account is clean is very important. KeppieCareer established some simple things you can to do get started. I love the part of Googling yourself. You might just be shocked what you will find.


  1. Most Frequently Asked Data Science Interview Questions by Careermetis

    Data science is one of the very few jobs of the future so if you are already thinking of getting a job as data scientist, then you are positioning yourself correctly. The major challenge though is how to scale through the interview stages. Never fear with this top data science interview questions. You get to learn how to learn how to answer questions like    “What is resample method and why is it useful”? Get yourself ready for a spin.


  1. 32 Career Experts to Follow on Twitter by MyJobMag  

    Social media is not all about connecting with friends. You can also use it to boost your career. How? By following the career experts on this list. Anyone you know on the list. Give them a shoutout and let them know they have been mentioned.

  2. 45 Quick Changes That Will Get Your Resume Noticed by Muse

    Recruiter spends less than approximately 6seconds on any resume to determine if it is a good fit for the job role. This means, there are certain things that they are on the lookout for. Your job is to make sure that your resume passes this 6seconods test. How? By using some of these fixes from Muse and I love the first suggestion. Do not use unnecessary fonts.


  1. 3 Sure Ways to Impress Your Boss and Get A Raise by TheBalancedWorkLife (

    Want a raise. Well you simply can’t bullshit your way to one. You just have to earn it. That is why this article by the folks at TheBalancedWorkLife is a recommended read as we get closer to the end of the year and start preparing for a new one. The advice are timeless, simple and really works. Find out what keeps your boss awake and find solutions to it. Even just offering a suggestion and letting him/her know you are also concern is enough to get you noticed and into their good book.

That is all for this edition of October MyJobMag Reader Digest. Read any of these articles and will love to get your feedback. If you have any site you want us to keep an eye out for, please recommend. Looking forward to hearing from you all.


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