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2017 Sterling Bank Recyclart Competition

Updated on Aug 25, 2017 2679 views
2017 Sterling Bank Recyclart Competition

The Sterling Bank Recyclart competition serves as a means to preserve culture by empowering young artists and emerging talent nationally. To participate, create an original piece of art made from recycled and repurposed materials to be exhibited at a public space.

The competition will reward 4 Grand Prize Winners with repurposed structures representing one of the 4 locations Lagos, Ogun, Rivers, Abuja. .

All 4 Grand Prize Winners winners will receive N1,000,000 each and a chance for a solo exhibition in one Sterling Bank public community park, roundabout or space in one of the 4 Sterling Bank zonal locations- Lagos, Ogun, Rivers, Abuja.


What is the goal of the RecyclArt competition?

It is to encourage Nigerians to explore positive ways to change their relationship with the environment, while expressing creativity and artistic talents using recyclable materials.

 Who are the target audience for this competition?

All artists above 18 years of age.

 Can I send in from any State?

The competition is nationwide. You can submit entries from any State. However, the art piece should represent one of the 4 States.

 Do I have to be a student to enter?


Can we enter the art competition as a group?

Yes, however all individuals must meet the contest qualification requirements – see the list of rules above for details.

Will I get my art returned to me?

The items may or may not be returned to you. This is at the discretion of the Bank.

 Can I take a photo of my artwork and send that as my entry?

Photos of artwork do not qualify as legitimate entries.

 Can I make a collage using old bottles, cans and litter?

Yes, you can combine any waste material that can withstand all weather conditions outdoor.

Can I make any type of art piece?

The art piece should resonate with any of the 4 states (regions) named above.

How to Apply

  1. Log on to and fill out the bio application form to get a reference number/code.
  2. Using the reference code, email a 300-word written description of your intended artwork, stating the method of execution and waste materials to be used also include a sketch and send to

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