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STUDENTS: How You Can Keep Yourself Busy During The ASUU Strike.

Updated on Aug 14, 2017 2841 views
STUDENTS: How You Can Keep Yourself Busy During The ASUU Strike.

From every indication, it looks like this ASUU strike will be a long one. We never can tell when it will be called off because the demands are huge this time around.

If you are a student affected by the ASUU strike, don't just sit down at home. Make good use of the opportunities it provides you.

Here are a few endeavors that you might want to consider instead of staying home and grumbling all through the period of the ASUU strike.

VOLUNTEER: Go out, in search of organizations that you can volunteer with. It does not necessarily have to be paid. Focus on experience!

LEARN A TRADE/SKILL: There are diverse trades ranging from Fashion Designing - Baking - Make-Up - Painting - Carpentry. Choose 1 and learn!

SIGN UP: You also can do any of the following; Language Learning, Programming/Coding/Design/AutoCAD, Internship, Undergraduate Programmes.

READ: You may decide to visit libraries or join book clubs where you can get access to books. Create a schedule and read different topics!

Whatever you do, make sure you DON'T stay at home idle. Engage yourself in activities that will be beneficial to you.


Written By Adeeko Ademola Abayomi


Happy ASUU Holidays!

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