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Time to Grow Up: Happy Independence Nigeria

Updated on Oct 02, 2012 2404 views
Time to Grow Up: Happy Independence Nigeria

by Chibueze Opata on Monday, October 1, 2012 at 10:18pm

Preamble: I've tried to make this article as short as possible.
It's indeed true that Our Mother is 52 today. Maybe she has not been the best, but isn't a child the joy of the mother?
What have you done for your mother today or are you not old enough to take care of your 52-year old mum?
All our lives we have complained and whined that we are not taken care of properly, but is it easy to raise up millions of children with diverse behaviour and mindsets?
We should recognize who we are and realize that the future now lies in our hand, in this generation, in our minds, in our ability to dream and collaborate...
She may have had a bad husband for years, but if you can see through, you will recognize her inner beauty...make it shine.
Happy Independence Day, and don't forget that what we truly celebrate today is 'Independence'.

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