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5 Body Language Tips to Master Your Job Interview (and Life)

Updated on Mar 14, 2016 3088 views
5 Body Language Tips to Master Your Job Interview (and Life)

Our body is an amazing tool for passing on information. Being aware of that could give you a great edge over your competition and in your personal life. Once you know this, you can "say" your emotions loud and clear with only a few minor gestures. Most of us are not aware of it, but those who are, can direct the conversation at their will and understand what's going on "behind the scenes".  With proper practice one can LEARN to read body language and HEAR what's being said beyond the words.

Here are my 5 tips for you to start if you want to pass any job interview:

Do it now.                                                                                                                  
Yes, it's as simple as that, and quite easy to begin with. A smile creates an immediate trust with people you've just met and makes a positive and comfortable environment between people.

Do not scratch while you speak.                                                                     
Scratching is a universal sign of anxiety. During a conversation, be it a job interview or a social one, don’t make sharp movements. Keep your hands free and loose, stand firm and don't let anxiety control you.
Don't be afraid to be honest and show your fears.                                   
All people want to create trust between them and others. Despite that, people refrain from expressing their wishes because they are afraid of exposing their weaknesses. When you pretend to agree to something that deep inside you don't – your body language reveals that. You become more frantic and emotional due to the dissatisfaction you are now experiencing. If you wish to show confidence you have to be honest with yourself. If you find that difficult, try to throw in a joke or two to lighten the conversation.
Give a firm handshake and look people straight in the eye.               
It's widely known that first impression is the most important. A good handshake does all the work for you. Every contact delivers a whole bunch of information to the other side. Along with the handshake must come a direct eye contact, that delivers a message that you are serious and influential people.
Moderate your reactions.                                                                                     
Any action has its proper reaction. Choose yours wisely – it has to be immediate and proportionate. Don't be over enthusiastic, don't over react and don't speak unless spoken to. Our sub-conscious tends to categorize quickly any irregular reaction, because of our need to belong to a group.     Quiet people are considered like good listeners and who doesn't want to be heard?

And now for the promised secret technique, my personal favorite:

The Triangular Gazing

As written earlier – people like to be listened to. That shows respect, interest and trust. Although direct eye contact is great, it might be too intense.

What can I do, you ask?

Picture an upside down triangle. Imagine that the other person's eyes are two corners of the triangle and the mouth is the other corner. You briefly break the eye contact by looking down at the person's mouth and back to the eyes with the same intensity as before.

This technique demonstrates an intimate listening to the other person, and the greatest thing about it is that it can be used in any social interaction known to man.

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