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Shell Companies in Nigeria (SCiN) Recruitment Scam

Updated on Nov 24, 2015 4435 views
Shell Companies in Nigeria (SCiN) Recruitment Scam

Shell Companies in Nigeria (SCiN) - This is an important notice to the public in view of recently observed increase in fraudulent communications made to members of the public by persons, groups and agencies falsely claiming to be acting on behalf of any of the Shell Companies in Nigeria (SCiN).

These persons and groups lure unsuspecting members of the public into parting with money by making spurious offers of employment in one of our companies. Using forged versions of our brand materials, non-Shell email accounts and domain names, they advertise non-existent lob opportunities in Shell. The fraudsters also create fake social media accounts, Shell brand elements and impersonate Shell senior leaders in an attempt to convince unsuspecting victims. These impostors end up requesting for their victims pay money for employment, insurance policy, visa application, work permit, HUET or HSSE training, overseas induction programme, etc.

We wish to notify the general public that Shell companies in Nigeria do not request or require monetary payments from applicants at any stage of the recruitment process.

Individuals who are interested in job opportunities in any Shell companies in Nigeria will find open positions listed on the company website when available. Shell companies do not make use of employment forms, neither do we process CVs that have not been submitted directly on our websites ( or

All successful applicants who receive an offer of employment from any of our companies would have gone through a formal and transparent recruitment process, and would have received an email from an email address that ends with

Members of the public are hereby notified that any communication offering interviews or immediate employment and requesting payment at any point is fraudulent.

Anyone who receives these false communications is strongly advised to either disregard them in their own best interest, or report to appropriate law enforcement agencies.

Signed: Management

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