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Assignment of the day: WHAT AM I LOOKING FOR?

Updated on Sep 07, 2012 2339 views
Welcome to Assignment of the Day Series. We promise that if you follow our series till the end, you will develop a better job hunting approach.


It is friday! We all thank God its Friday, a time to unwind. It could be seen as a time to rest and plan for a new week ahead.

We encourage you to ponder over this question this weekend and come up with a response! Use the comment box below to ask questions and tell us what you think.

The question is:

Which kind of job am I looking for?

The question may further be broken down to:

What gives me fulfillment?
Which role do i love playing?

We are not leaving you on this, we will follow you on this cause!

Make sure you answer this question, as it will get you ready for our next series. If you have questions or you are unable to figure out the above question, write us using the comment box below as lots of people will benefit from your comment.

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