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10 Tips On How To Find A Job Using Social Media

Updated on Aug 28, 2015 4123 views
10 Tips On How To Find A Job Using Social Media

Are you looking for a new job?

Today, several employers are using social media to monitor candidates to understand their communication skills, professional conduct, confidence, and other skills.

Social media helps you to create your own brand and establish your credibility as a potential candidate. Social media can be used as great tool in your job search because it helps you to network with professionals, recruiters, companies, and colleagues in the same field.

Social media is not an easy option to get new job, but it will help you to stand out of the crowd and gain maximum exposure among the fellow members and recruiter in your field.

Read how you can become a social media expert in this roundup of the top social media experts in the world.

1. Clean up your current profile

Before beginning to search for a new job, you should clean up the current profile in the social media site. Scan through the information provided and delete unwanted pictures or posts from the social media page. You have to ensure that the information provided is up-to-date. Your personality presented through the social media should be attractive to the potential employers.

2. Create a lucrative profile

If you are looking for jobs through social media, then you have to build a lucrative profile that contains your skills, experiences, educational qualifications, and job history relevant to the job requirements. LinkedIn is the best option to create a job profile, but Twitter, Google+ and Facebook can also help you to get a job. Your profile should show your strengths and benefits as a job seeker to the future employers.

3. Networking

Networking with professionals from your industry will help you to find suitable jobs. LinkedIn groups help you to get jobs from your industry according to the experience and skills. Join different LinkedIn groups that are active by searching the directory. You can follow the companies you prefer to know about their recent job vacancies in Nigeria. In Facebook, you can ‘Like’ the companies you would like to join.

4. Engage in conversation

You can engage in conversation on current trends in the industry on Facebook or LinkedIn with fellow members. Conversing with fellow members or recruiters on social media through message boards, forums or private messages will help you to show your expertise and skills in the field. Maintain your contacts with other members in the social media sites, so that you don’t miss an excellent job opportunity.

5. Ask for recommendations

You can ask your previous employers and colleagues to endorse you for the skills you possess. Ask the recommendations of people you know personally or those who can recommend you honestly. Recommendations help the recruiters to know about the credibility and value of the candidate for the job.

6. Find jobs using keywords on LinkedIn

In LinkedIn, you can find a feature to find jobs in your preferred location, by entering the keywords into the search box. You can find several job listings in LinkedIn. You can send the resume to the potential employer by clicking on the apply tab.

7. Twitter

Twitter is also a good source to find jobs. You can create tweets relevant to your jobs and engage other people to follow or retweet. You can search for hashtags like #hiring, #jobs, etc., in Twitter to find relevant jobs. The hashtags allow you to obtain a great number of job opportunities.

8. Communicate clearly

While creating profiles in social networking sites, you have to ensure that your profile communicates well to the potential employer. You should be clear and concise while creating a profile and engaging in conversation. You should consider your social media profile as resume. Hence, you should avoid grammatical mistakes, typos and spelling errors.

9. Get information about the hiring manager

Before submitting the resume to the hiring manager on Twitter or LinkedIn, you can check the profile of him/her. When you come to know about the hiring manager, it will help you to customize the cover letter depending on their requirements. By searching on job search aggregators, you can find potential companies or hiring managers and follow them or submit resume to them through social networking sites. For example Jobtonic can help with job aggregator option.

10. Never ask for an opportunity

You can present your profile in an effective manner, so that potential employers can find you easily. Don’t ask for a position in their company, so that they feel that you’re desperate to get a job. You have to connect with the right individuals, so that you can show them that you are skilled and qualified enough for their job. Update the status of your account every week for many times and create tweets on career related articles or write ups read by you. 

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