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Words of Wisdom from 101 Awesome Entrepreneurs

  • Ogugua Belonwu
    2.87k views; Posted on April 10, 2016

    Words of Wisdom from 101 Awesome Entrepreneurs

    1. Chris Kilbourn - Focus on the big picture, don't get sidetracked by the small stuff. "Don't get caught up in the busyness rather than the business."

    2. Theresa Watts - Make meaningful connections.

    3. Alex Genadinik - Get to know your customers.

    4. Kai Davis - Pick an income target or goal and go for it!

    5. AnarchoFighter - Get out there and hustle. Think about what else can you sell an existing customer.

    6. Emma Perez - Just do it!

    7. Meron Bareket - Ask for a 10% discount. (Get uncomfortable and embrace the minor failures, what's the worst thing that can happen?)

    • "Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right."
    • Find the problem before the solution.
    • "Just do it."

    8. Jeremy Blanchard - Practice just-in-time learning, and just-in-time doing. (You don't need to have a fully built out website to launch)  A very lean-startup mentality.

    9. Steve Scott - Commit to the daily habit, build an email list.

    10. Robert Farrington - Network and get to know others in your niche, take action.

    11. Jason Pliml - Just ship it and get feedback, dedicate time to your side hustle.

    12. Josh Isaak - Take the word "impossible" out of your vocabulary.

    13. Melanie Ida Chopko - Reach out to people in and out of your network for informational interviews.

    14. Chris Guthrie - "Stop learning and start earning."

    15. John Dumas - "Just start! Stop making excuses. You have the same 24 hours in a day as everyone else. Get up 15 minutes earlier, go to bed 15 minutes later."

    16. Ari Meisel - Get a virtual assistant.

    17. Benny Hsu - Take a risk.

    18. Spencer Haws - Try to be original and be yourself.

    19. Lee Drozak - Build that network.

    20. Adam Steele - Diversify.

    21. Jim Wang - Build your network.

    22. Jullien Gordon - Go make a $1 - use your skills. "Go sell something."

    23. Brian Swichkow - "You can do anything if you stop trying to do everything."

    24. Laurel Staples - Fear is a companion on your journey - get used to it.

    25. Vasavi Kumar - Ask, "What can I be teaching?" Don't wait.

    26. Josh and Jill Stanton - "Get comfortable w/ the uncomfortable"

    27. Jonathan Shank - Develop relationships! "Virtual assistants are valuable team members!" 

    28. Timo Kiander - Become an early riser.

    29. Scott Bold - Reduce your material needs. (simplify)

    30. Nick Ruiz - Massive action and massive execution.

    31. Tom Morkes - Get started.

    32. Jonathan Milligan - Be a scientist!

    33. Virginia Roberts - Figure out how to write more like a person.

    34. Ryan Cote - Form strategic partnerships.

    35. Daniel DiPiazza - Cultivate the skills and the passion will follow.

    36. Melissa Witmer - Keep the business fundamentals in mind. The Internet is a tool, not a magic pill.

    37. Tess Strand - Find something you're passionate about to put your time and energy into!

    38. Freddie Mixell - Build a list.

    39. Mike Newton - Charge what you're worth, never compete on price.

    40. Montina Portis - Get a coach. Join a mastermind.

    41. Alex Harris - Build relationships online and offline.

    42. Alex Barker - Pick 1 thing.

    43. Pat Flynn - Become a marketing minimalist - focus on those vital few efforts.

    44. James Swanwick - Just do it!

    45. Chris Ducker - Build your team.

    46. Bjork and Lindsay Ostrom - 1% infinity.

    47. Nicklas Kingo - Be willing to experiment. What's the least amount of effort to figure out if it works?

    48. Jeff Steinmann - Forget about failure, it's just feedback.

    49. J. Money - Figure out what you like and ask people to pay you for it.

    50. Me - Find your why. 

    51. Alex Genadinik #2 - 80/20 your efforts. 

    52. Nick Reese - Give yourself artistic freedom and write daily.

    53. Cameron Rambert - Make up in volume what you lack in (perceived) competence.

    54. Kimberly Palmer - Just get started.

    55. Chandler Bolt - Complete the process instead of perfecting the product.

    56. Kimanzi Constable - It's a marathon, not a sprint. Be you, be original, and don't try to copy the A-listers.

    57. Grant Baldwin - You can do this!

    58. Jon Acuff - Don't be ashamed of fear.

    59. Ryan Grant - Get your mind right. Think "how can I make this happen?"

    60. Jesse Krieger - Take action and take it one step at a time.

    61. Scott Britton - Find other people with your same mission.

    62. Corrina Gordon-Barnes - Be alert to overwhelm, and understand overwhelm is a choice.

    63. Josh Elledge - Don't put this off!

    64. Garrett Moon - Validate your idea.

    65. Doug Cunnington - Do it today.

    66. Kurt Elster - Solve simple problems.

    67. Ryan Finlay - The best opportunities are found only once you're already in motion.

    68. Matt Giovanisci - Spend 90% of your time creating and 10% marketing.

    69. Harry Campbell - Think outside the box and don't be afraid to try something out.

    70. Alexis Grant - Be persistent. Stick with it!

    71. Kellie Gimenez - Find something you're passionate about and find a way to make money doing it.

    72. Carrie Smith - You are your most important asset, so put yourself first and invest in you.

    73. J. Massey - Once you get started, stay started. Focus on your IGAs; your income generating activities.

    74. Jasper Ribbers - If you're going to make assumptions, you might as well make empowering assumptions. 

    75. Rob Cubbon - Be consistent. Keep the products coming.

    76. Jessica Lawlor - Wake up earlier and start each day with your most important task.

    77. Andy Slamans - Take action. Don't be a career "learner."

    78. Scott Oldford - Don't be afraid of failure.

    79. Joshua Jordison - All business is done through people. Give them value first.

    80. Bryan Harris - Get extremely specific. Read the book Built to Sell.

    81. Nick Stephenson - Focus on building your email list.

    82. Jon Nastor - Get started today.

    83. Sean Marshall - Ask yourself what your values are, what you REALLY want, and what you can create. How do those align with a paying market?

    84. Dayne Shuda - Think how BIG could this be 5-10 years from now? 

    85. Joshua Sheats - Find your actual net profit from your job. It might be less than you think.

    86. John Corcoran - Create a "conversations list" of 50 people you'd like to build a relationship with over the next 12 months.

    87. Nate Dallas - Be honest with you are and be courageous. Do what you’ve been designed to do. Don’t shortchange yourself.

    88. Dan Faggella - Build your list!

    89. Will Mitchell - Think big, act small. 

    90. Jeremy Jacobson - Start today. Compound interest is the most powerful force in the universe.

    91. Dorie Clark - Dive in on content creation.

    92. Mark Podolsky - Read The 12 Week Year.

    93. Steph Halligan - Try something radically different.

    94. Daniel DiPiazza #2 - The less I have to do, the more I get done.

    95. Lise Cartwright - Done is better than perfect.

    96. Melinda Fleming - Do the thing people notice you for. 

    97. Ankur Nagpal - Just do it.

    98. Travis Marziani - Write down 1 idea a day. Start small.

    99. Justin Cooke - Find your ONE thing.

    100. Tim Johnson - Make your value proposition obvious.

    101. Natalie Sisson - Do or do not; there is no try.


    You'll notice than many of the tips fall into 3 main categories:

    1. "Just do it."
    2. Adopt the "lean startup" mentality.
    3. Build your team / network.

    Obviously there's something to these if people keep naming them episode after episode as their "#1 tip." Probably worth reading again to really let them sink in.

    What action can you take today to apply those tips? If I asked you the same question, what would be your response?

    Hustle on,

    Nick Loper

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