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  • Ways to get more customers buying

    Wale Joseph
    966 views; Posted on December 10, 2015;
    Making more sales quickly today is no longer about selling. It’s all about getting customers to make a buy decision. Customers are more in control of their buying decisions than ever before, more »
  • Things you must know If you want to be a great sales rep.

    Wale Joseph
    901 views; Posted on December 8, 2015;
    If you want to be a great salesperson, you need to know these things;Selling is a marathon, not a sprint. Selling is a process – an often long and arduous one. The bigger the deal, the more »
  • The Basic rules of sales success

    Wale Joseph
    904 views; Posted on December 8, 2015;
    You can prove the masses wrong, and learn to develop the skills that will have people thinking differently about the selling process. In fact, selling can be one of the most rewarding tasks you' more »
  • Sales vs Marketing

    Wale Joseph
    943 views; Posted on December 3, 2015;
    Do you know the difference between marketing and sales? Let's think about this question for a moment. Without marketing you would not have prospects or leads to follow up with, but yet without a more »
  • Be a successful sales representative

    Wale Joseph
    935 views; Posted on December 1, 2015;
    The sales department of every organization is one of the most important departments. Industries spend billions of dollars annually in advertising and research in order to achieve increase in sales. more »
  • Improve your sales: See how

    Ogugua Belonwu
    722 views; Posted on November 30, 2015;
    Most small business owners do not know how keeping customers and sales affects their business success and longevity and also do not make it a priority to improve their sales. Here are some tips more »
  • Most effective Marketing Strategies

    Ogugua Belonwu
    1.05k views; Posted on November 28, 2015;
    Marketing is all about getting your product and brand known, trusted and recognized. Identifying you target clientele helps to make your marketing more effective by personalizing your approach to more »
  • ''PINK for girls, BLUE for boys'': See how it all started

    Ogugua Belonwu
    578 views; Posted on November 26, 2015;
    Blue is for boys and pink is for girls, we're told. But do these gender norms reflect some inherent biological difference between the sexes, are there gender-color symbolism that held true more »

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