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  • Fastest Ways To Identify Fake Jobs Ads In Nigeria

    Adeeko Ademola
    11.03k views; Posted on October 17, 2016;
    Fake jobs come in various forms but they all have one thing in common; they all carry an end product of deceit and disappointment.In 2015, Vanguard newspaper reported that 80% of online jobs in more »
  • How To Improve Your "Hireablity" Even If You’re Underqualified

    Adeeko Ademola
    10.23k views; Posted on October 10, 2016;
    Lacking experience doesn't always mean you shouldn't apply. When looking for a new job, many of us often feel like we’ll never be able to meet any of job listing requirements. Sometimes more »
  • 7 Ways To Stay Motivated While Looking For A Job

    Adeeko Ademola
    3.09k views; Posted on August 15, 2016;
    The job search can be frustrating and draining, but here’s how to keep your spirits up and boost your chances of getting hiredThe ability to get — and stay — motivated during a job more »
  • Don’t work for a startup if you're this type of person

    2.24k views; Posted on April 10, 2016;
    Don’t work for a startup if you don’t want to think about work before 8 am or after 5 pm. There simply aren’t enough people to do everything that needs to be done in order to more »
  • Can You Be An Entrepreneur? A Quick Test.

    4.51k views; Posted on February 7, 2016;
    Would you accept a job with no base salary?  Would you like to get paid 100% on commission?  Or would you think that job is a poor option and look for something safer?Many people say they more »
  • What Type of Education We Should Focus On In 2016

    7.15k views; Posted on January 1, 2016;
    The world has evolved so much yet school education is still pretty much teaching the same thing for the last 50 years. We still need the maths, science and language but we also need life skills to more »
  • Four Tips to speed up your job search

    5.27k views; Posted on December 19, 2015;
    Whether you are fresh out of college, having a midlife career change or deciding retirement isn’t for you, you first must realize job searching has changed. It's different than it was a more »
  • 5 things to note while searching for a job

    Ogugua Belonwu
    5.64k views; Posted on December 11, 2015;
    Job searching is tough. It involves resume writing, hunting down job listings, networking, more resume writing, creating cover letters, dressing well for interviews, and, at the core of it, more »
  • These habits instantly make you look unprofessional

    Wale Joseph
    4.36k views; Posted on December 8, 2015;
    Have you ever seen a coworker constantly show unprofessional behaviour and questioned about how they maintain their position in the organization?Are you doing some self-reflection and more »
  • Job-seekers: your interviewers won't tell you these

    Wale Joseph
    4.48k views; Posted on December 7, 2015;
    Being yourself is better than being ‘professional’Putting on the ‘overly professional’ act might be what you feel is required when you set foot into an interview room – more »
  • Ways to survive interview rejection

    Wale Joseph
    712 views; Posted on December 7, 2015;
    But whether you use the experience to improve your interview technique for next time, or end up figuring out what type of job is really right for you, you might be surprised just how much more »
  • Ways to expand your job search and get good results

    Wale Joseph
    765 views; Posted on December 7, 2015;
    Opportunities abound everywhere and in the midst of these, lie well-paid jobs. It does not matter what country you are in and the state of the economy of your country. I can assure you that no more »
  • Major Roles in the oil and gas sector

    Wale Joseph
    1.01k views; Posted on December 4, 2015;
    Do you see your future working upstream or downstream? If you’re looking to work in the oil and gas industry, knowing what role suits you and understanding more about the components of the more »
  • How to follow-up on your job application/interview

    Wale Joseph
    2.01k views; Posted on December 4, 2015;
    And with 82% of recruiters indicating that it reflects well on a candidate when they get back in touch, one thing is clear: it doesn’t matter how you follow-up, just follow-up if you can ( more »
  • The right way to negotiate a payrise

    Wale Joseph
    1.01k views; Posted on December 3, 2015;
    Negotiating a pay rise can be one of the tougher tasks we'll undertake whilst in employment. In fact, the fear of unsettling our current work situation can be enough to deter many of us from more »
  • The right way to resign

    Wale Joseph
    1.29k views; Posted on December 3, 2015;
    Whatever your reasons for leaving a job, there is a right way and a wrong way to resign.Leaving with the right level of grace and decorum not only speaks volumes about your character, it also shows more »
  • Jobseekers: Do not do these at an interview

    Wale Joseph
    1.94k views; Posted on December 3, 2015;
    The problem is, when you worry so much about making sure every little thing goes right, it’s easy to forget about the things that could go wrong. So how can you ensure that you have an more »
  • Improve your leadership skills

    Wale Joseph
    557 views; Posted on December 2, 2015;
    Regardless of where you are on the career ladder right now, there will be a point when you’ll be handed a leadership role and your team will expect you to hit the ground running. Maybe you& more »
  • How to increase your performance on the job

    Ogugua Belonwu
    776 views; Posted on December 1, 2015;
    You see, for most persons, getting their dream job is a matter of moving from one job to another, one organization to the next, until they get to the job that they find most exciting and fulfilling. more »
  • See how to keep your employees glued to your business and ready to die for it to succeed

    Ogugua Belonwu
    464 views; Posted on November 30, 2015;
    The following highlight key ways of keeping employees glued to your business and ready to die for it to succeed. Let Them Know What is Needed of ThemIn many places I have seen disgruntled more »

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