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  • About Business Law Academy (BLA)
    Our mission is to build individual and institutional capacity in specialised areas where the law and business intersect.

    WHY BLA?
    Through conferences, seminars, study visits, workshops, training projects and publications, BLA will interface theory with practice. The BLA team consists of lawyers, specializing in different areas of the Nigerian law, supported by able and experienced administrative and technical staff. The speakers at BLA events are drawn from both national and international network of experts, leading professionals and lawmakers.

    Benefits of the Academy are reciprocal. Participants acquire a deeper understanding of the law in relation to the business world; at the same time, participants learn from one another, and the presence of the participants enriches the understanding of the people who have the opportunity to meet them.

    Participants are encouraged to attend all lessons with an open mind and a readiness, not only to learn but also contribute where necessary. At the end of each course, participants will be given certificates attesting to what they have been taught.

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