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Top Reasons Why You Should Read “72 Hours to the Job You Love”

Updated on Aug 11, 2020 8307 views
Top Reasons Why You Should Read “72 Hours to the Job You Love”

"72 Hours to the Job You Love is an absolute juggernaut of a book–If you are job hunting, having a hard time making the right career decision or just want to be in charge of your career, this is the book for you."

If your dream is to land a job soon, but you don’t have an idea of how to make it happen then “72 hours to the job you love” is for you.

This is a book that came out of our own exploration on the labour market and the world of work in general - not only the job market in Nigeria, but also the world at large.

It is no news that there are millions of people in Nigeria that are willing to work, but can’t seem to find a job. This book exposes readers to the realistic reasons why people can’t find jobs and practical solutions to solving the problem of unemployment.

You may ask; how does this book provide a solution to the issue of unemployment?

With our years of experience in interfacing with job seekers and employers as a recruitment company and also as a job publishing platform we can say for sure that the problem of unemployment can be tied to lack of knowledge to a large extent.

Since a great number of job seekers lack the information they need to get a job, we decided to write this book to provide job seekers with all they need to know and acquire to get a job. This book is designed to guide job seekers on their job search journey even if they are at a level of “no idea”.

In haste? You can click this link to buy the book now.

We think this is a great book for you to read, if you haven’t read it.

It is not only a book for job seekers, it is also a book for anyone that wishes to advance their career and also take hold of great opportunities. It is a book for all of us.

Reading the book for the first time, it was interesting to see how it speaks to every challenge that a job seeker may have from self-discovery to coping with a new job. It is really comforting to see the significant difference that this book will make in the life of anyone that will read it; the worksheets are perfectly designed to help job seekers assess their job search efforts.

Are you are still contemplating whether you should read the book or not?

Let me give you 5 reasons why I think you should consider reading 72 Hours to the Job You Love


  1. Read it to learn why you have not been able find a job

Many job seekers’ explanation to why they have not been able to find a job is; the job market is not just being fair to them or they don’t have the connection to get a job. In reality, this is not usually the case, there are many reasons why a job seeker may not be able to get a job. Most times a job seeker’s inability to get a job can be tied to things they are doing wrongly and things they are not doing at all.

To get a job, you must be qualified enough to carry out the task that is required of you in that job. The fact that you are surrounded with people that complain about not getting a job because they don’t know anyone to help them get one doesn’t mean that’s the same reason why you have not been able to get a job.

Since you have been searching and applying for a job and you are still yet to find one, it would be wise for you to find out why you and millions of other job seekers have not been able to find a job.

Knowledge they say is power, knowing what a problem is a step forward to actually solving the problem.


  1. Read it to learn what employers are looking for a job candidate

Job seekers tend to understand employment and the job search process as something that starts and ends with them, but there are two parties involved in the process. As it is the dream of every job seeker to land a job, it is also the dream of every employer to get a qualified candidate to do the job.

Usually when job seekers can’t seem to find a job, they hardly think of themselves as the problem. The truth is that many times job seekers are the reasons why they can’t find a job.

Let’s look at it like this; if you are eventually going to be employed by someone (an employer) is it not natural for the person to look forward to seeing some exceptional qualities that will make him or her pick you over anyone else?

As much as you want a job really bad, employers are in search of a job candidate that can do the job really bad. Since you now recognize that employers have a role to play in your employment (they will be the ones to hire you anyway) then it will be smart for you to find out what employers are looking for in a job candidate. You know why?

It is simply because it will help you position yourself to fit into employers’ specifications which will open you up to even more job opportunities.


  1. Read it to learn what you need to do to get a job

A lot of people develop a sense of entitlement towards different things. Job seekers feel they are entitled to a good paying job regardless of their qualification or the effort they put into their job search. It is okay to dream of getting a good job, but is it actually enough to dream it.

You may think that if people are getting jobs every day, then why can’t you get a job? The truth is that you may not know what they have done or the skills they have acquired to get the job. Reading the book, there is one thing I discovered and I am quite sure that many job seekers are yet to discover it; which is “you need to give something to get something”.

This simply means that you need to give your skills, experience, etc.  to get a job. The big problem here is; how can you give what you don’t have?

What if you don’t have what an employer wants to pay for? That is why you should read this book. This book will expose and equip you with all you need to attract employers to yourself.


  1. Read it to discover what is happening in the labour market

One important insight I learned when I was reading the book is all the things that happen in the job market that no one seem to pay attention to.

We all pay attention to trends when it comes to things like fashion, entertainment, etc., but how much attention do we pay to trends when it comes to job search. Things change every day, and the way people search and apply for jobs is definitely changing too.

If things are constantly changing, it simply means that you have to change along with things to take better advantage of what is going on. The big question here is; if you have to change alongside with things, then first you have to know what is changing to be able to change with it.

So have you ever wondered why you have not been able to get a job regardless of your hard work? It could be really painful to put in so much effort into searching for a job and end up not getting one. As painful as it is, it may be as a result of your outdated practices.

It is important you learn what is going on in the job market to be up to date on latest job search trends.


  1. Read it to discover the kind of job that is right for you

How many job have you applied for since you have searching for a job? Countless I guess.

When you see job adverts, do you often feel like a particular job is right for you? Many job seekers feel like every good job is the job for them, but that is not true because there is a place for everyone.

It is not possible that you would do great in every job and environment, but you would definitely do well in a job and environment that is right for you. So if you tend to do well in a job and environment that is right for you, then the question is; how do you know the kind of job that is right for you?

This book includes worksheets and assessments that will help you discover the job that is right for you by guiding you on how to research employers and work environments to finally discover the kind of job that is right for you.


  1. Read it to learn how to cope with a new job

When you finally get a job, it may be tempting for you to think that it is all over, but is it really over? I discovered that a new journey has just started immediately you get a job, this is because it is one thing to get a job and another thing to remain relevant at the job.

If you have never worked before, then it is wise for you to undergo this new journey with some form of guidance. Getting a job comes with a lot of approval; you have to get approval from your employer, your co-workers, and even clients.

Living up to everyone’s expectations may not be an easy thing to do, but with the right guidance creating a positive impression even while you just got a job will not be difficult to achieve.  This book will help you with all you need to know to cope with a new job.

If you are fully convinced to read the book, you can click this link to buy the book . Once you finally get to read “72 Hours to the Job You Love”, we would love to hear your feedback!

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