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These Kind of People Can’t Study Abroad!

Updated on Jul 08, 2021 11760 views
These Kind of People Can’t Study Abroad!

Word on the streets is that certain kind of people cannot travel abroad.

  • People that finished with a 3rd class from the University.
  • People with HND as their highest qualification.
  • People that don’t have the academic qualification or job experience for the new programme they want to apply for.
  • People who are under the age of 18 and just finished from secondary school.

If you are among these people, the real question is, would you really believe the words on the streets or the words from professionals that handle admissions abroad?
Because here’s the other part that so many people do not know, a SPECIAL PATHWAY PROGRAMME has been created for you.
What is a Pathway Programme? Pathway programmes are courses specifically designed to get your knowledge and skills to the academic level required for admission to a university’s undergraduate or postgraduate programme, if they are not there already.
These Pathway Programmes are offered by Pathway Providers, and UKEAS partners with many of them to help our students get all the entry requirements that will help them get into the university
of their choice. Check them here.

Why choose a Pathway Programme:

  • The programmes are cheaper than undergraduate or postgraduate programmes.
  • The programme duration is usually for a year.
  • You get assured direct entry into the University of your choice.
  • You learn how to adapt to a new culture and lifestyle before you start your degree.
  • It is best for international students who want to meet up with entry requirements abroad for undergraduate and postgraduate studies.
  • Over 1000 of these programmes to find your preferred course of study.

Join us at the Pathway to your future event for 2 Days. Meet with over 8 Top Pathway Providers for Foundation, A-levels, Pre-Masters, and IB program at our Online Pathway Event.

Event Details
Date: 12 th – 14 th July 2021
Venue: Microsoft Teams (Available for download on iOS and Playstore)

Register Here for Free

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