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The Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Skoltech) 2020 MSC/PHD Programs

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The Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Skoltech) 2020 MSC/PHD Programs


The Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Skoltech) is a private research and academic institute located in the Moscow Region by Skolkovo village. Founded in 2011 with MIT’s collaboration, Skoltech will be responsible for preparing a new generation of researchers and entrepreneurs, expanding the range of scientific knowledge, and stimulating technological innovation with the goal of solving important technological research problems that Russia and the rest of the world may face in the future. The Institute facilitates its own research utilizing the best traditional educational and research practices from Russia and the international sphere. The Institute pays particular attention to innovation and entrepreneurship possibilities through utilization of the top investigative approaches of the 21st century. For more information about Skoltech, click here.

Admission Requirements

What are the admission requirements?  

Master’s Programs
An appropriate Bachelor’s degree, or its equivalent, from a recognized university.

Doctoral Programs
An appropriate Master’s degree, or its equivalent, from a recognized university.

Who can apply?

Applications are open to domestic and international students. Applicants must be in their final year of their undergraduate studies or hold a higher education degree (bachelor’s degree, master’s degree or specialist degree) in one of the following areas of study: mathematics, technical science, applied science, physics, chemistry, biology, or related areas. Additionally, you must have a record of success in your studies as well as a knowledge of English.

Skoltech focuses on acquiring the highest levels of talent and applicants must meet at least the minimum requirements. Those who hold a degree in humanities or social sciences must have extended knowledge in one of the five areas of study offered by Skoltech.

As Skoltech receives more applications each year from excellent candidates than we have placements available, meeting the minimum admissions requirement does not necessarily guarantee admission.

The minimum admissions requirements set by Skoltech can also be found on the Requirements page.

What is an appropriate bachelor’s degree”?
An appropriate admitting degree is one that satisfies the following criteria:
a) The issuing institution must be recognized as having degree granting authority by the appropriate jurisdictional authorities.
b) The degree must be the standard first entry degree which gives access to advanced research-based graduate programs in the country of origin.

Application Deadlines

When should I apply?
Different application deadlines apply to different types of applicants. Please visit Skoltech’s admission requirements page for the exact date. Make sure you comply with the admission requirements.

I might miss the application deadline; can I have an extension?
All applications should be received by the deadline.

Admission Process

I am interested in applying for an MSc program at Skoltech. How should I apply?
Admission to an MSc program at Skoltech involves a two-round process. Round One consists of completing an online admissions application​. Applicants should consult the Skoltech requirements website to ensure they meet all required deadlines and submit all essential materials such as:

  1. Online Application
  2. Personal statement/Motivation letter (in English)
  3. Resume (in English)
  4. Two letters of recommendation (these should contain contact phone and/or e-mail of the recommender, if the letters are in Russian please make your own translation in English, scan in one file with the original and upload this way)
  5. If available: Diploma and/or current transcript
  6. If available: Official TOEFL or IELTS results (if English is not the native language of the applicant)
  7. If available: Official GRE scores (applications submitted with excellent GRE scores will increase the chance of acceptance)

Round Two consists of online testing, Round Three is “Selection Weekend”.

What is “Selection Weekend”?
Selection Weekend is the second round of admission process at Skoltech. Students, who have been selected in the first  selection round (which is online test result and the application review), are invited to be part of “Selection Weekend”. During the “Selection Weekend”, participants go through two days of interviews,  written examinations, and an English test.


I would like to apply to Skoltech. Where should I get the application form?
To apply, you must complete an online admissions application​ available on Skoltech’s webpage. Please carefully read the instructions, requirements and deadlines before submitting an application.

Do I have to list all the schools and institutions I have attended?
Yes. It is required that you list all post-secondary institutions you have attended. You do not need to submit any information or documents related to secondary school.

How much is the application fee?
Please be advised that there is no application fee required for admission to Skoltech.

Can students who already have a master’s degree apply to Skoltech?
Yes, we will consider master’s degree holders for entry.

How many recommendation letters are required for admission?
Skoltech requires two letters of recommendation from people who know your academic and professional qualifications. They should consist of a contact phone and/or e-mail of the recommender; if the letters are in Russian please make your own translation in English, scan in one file with the original and upload this way.

Who can I speak to regarding the application process?
All questions regarding the application process can be addressed to the Admission Office at:

MSc programs application dates

Open: October 1, 2019
Next deadline: August 2, 2020

PhD programs application dates

Open: October 1, 2019
Next deadline: May 31, 2020

Application Link

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