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How To Apply For Nigerian Army Recruitment 2022

Updated on Jul 05, 2022 94966 views
How To Apply For Nigerian Army Recruitment 2022

The Nigerian Army has officially rolled out its application process for Direct Short Service Commission (DSSC26/2021) and Short Service Commission (SSC47/2021) officer cadre.

The Army made the announcement via its official Twitter handle and it follows its plan to expand its force to tend to the security challenges the country is facing.

The tweet was followed with a warning to prospective applicants that the exercise is free-of-charge and it reads:

This is to inform the general public that the web portal for SSC47/2021 and DSSC26/2021 is now online and the registration will commence immediately #OurMilitryIsCapable

-- Nigerian Army (@HQNigerianArmy) August 19, 2020

The application is open to both civilians and serving military personnel provided they meet all the requirements which include Nigerian citizenship, fitness, height restriction, age restrictions among others as well as the corps that are open for the Nigerian Army recruitment 2020.

Unlike the previous years, shortlisted applicants would be required to write sit for an examination at designated centers before facing the screening board this time around. 

How to Apply

  • Visit Nigerian Army’s web page at recruitment and choose your preferred course (SSC or DSSC) from the page.
  • You will be redirected to the page where you can read the qualification criteria for the ongoing SSC and DSSC courses.
  • Click on the “Apply Now” button for your chosen course (SSC or DSSC). 
  • After which you will be required to select if you are serving/have served in the Armed Forces of Nigeria, choose the appropriate option and proceed.
  • If have not created an account click on “Sign Up”, after which a verification link will be sent to your email or enter you login details and log in.
  • Fill out the form and ensure all required documents listed below are uploaded:
  • Passport photograph.
  • Educational certificates.
  • Evidence of membership of any professional body.
  • Certificate of state of origin. 
  • Birth certificate or age declaration.
  • For DSSC applicants, note that the qualification selections available to you are dependent on the preferred corps selected.
  • Applicants must print out their photo-slip which would be generated online on completion of their application. The first page is to be signed by the Registrar of any Court of Law while the second page is to be signed by the applicants’ Local Government Chairman/Secretary or any military officer of the rank of Lieutenant Colonel or equivalent and above who hails from an applicant’s state of origin.

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Nigerian Army Recruitment Frequently Asked Questions

1: Is Nigerian Army Form Out 2020?

Yes, the Nigerian Army Short Service form is out. Apply here

2: How can I join the Nigerian Army?

There are multiple ways to join the Army as a Nigerian citizen. You can join as a Non-Commissioned officer, or as a commissioned officer (Regular Combatant, Short Service Commission and Direct Short Service Commission).  

3: How many months is the Nigerian Army Training?

For SSC cadets, the training is for 9 months, while it lasts 6 months for DSSC cadets.
4. How much Nigeria Army Salary

The Nigerian Army salary structure differs from that of the other Armed Forces. The salary for each rank can be read here

5. How long does joining the army take?

Depending on your chosen mode of entry, enlistment of successful cadets is done immediately after completion of training.
6. How long is Army recruitment?

The recruitment for 2020 lasts till September 29, 2020.                           
7. How many pushups do you need to pass the Army PT test?

About 100 pushups within 1 minute is the amount of pushup an army official is expected to be able to do. Note: this differs for male and female cadets.
8. Do you get the weekend off in basic training?

No. The training is thorough.
9. How do I pay my bills while at basic training?

The Nigerian government gives each cadet an allowance that is enough to cover basic needs. A portion of it is also saved by the authorities, and is given as a lump sum at the conclusion of training.
10. How can you become a Nigerian Army officer?

By undergoing the 5 year training as a regular combatant; joining through short service commission and executive commissioning for soldiers.
11. What are the ranks of the Nigerian Army?

The two cadres of the Nigerian Army are Commissioned and Non-Commissioned Officers. Here is a full breakdown  of the various ranks of the Nigerian Army. 
12. What is the structure of the Nigerian Army?

The Nigerian Army is divided into combat arms (infantry and armored), the combat support arms (artillery, engineers, and signals); the combat support services comprise the Nigerian Army Medical Corps, supply and transport, ordinance and finance. Others are the military police, intelligence, physical training, chaplains, public relations and band.
13. Can a musician join the Nigerian army?

The Nigerian Army has a musical branch – Nigerian Army Band Corps. The corps is usually made up of graduates of music and/or people with musical background.



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  • Solomon Nimfas
    Solomon Nimfas Apr 07, 2021

    Please how can found to join I'm very interested for army I need help

  • Rita Nzemeka
    Rita Nzemeka Apr 15, 2021

    Thank you Solomon fr your comment. Keep checking MyJobMag for updates

  • Rita Nzemeka
    Rita Nzemeka Apr 15, 2021

    Thank you Solomon fr your comment. Keep checking MyJobMag for updates

    FAVOUR ENO-EFFEH Apr 20, 2021
    I have a music background as a brass player I applied for the Nigeria army but not as a trade soldier can I serve in the band corp
    ENOCK JULIUS May 05, 2021


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