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Why Do People Love Their Jobs - Job Satisfaction Survey

Updated on Dec 28, 2021 5802 views
Why Do People Love Their Jobs - Job Satisfaction Survey

Do your employees love their job?

To gauge how many employees either love their jobs or hate it and why, we took a survey of 484 employees’ opinions from various industries and ask them one simple question “Do you love your job”?

For our survey, we have:

  • 60.74% of survey participant were male
  • 39.3%survey participant were female
  • 10.7% of survey participant were below 25 years
  • 84% of audience surveyed where between the age of 25 and 44years


The result of the survey is what we present below.


Survey Results.

Our survey was which was centered on men and women, within the age range of 18-64 showed that:

  • 37% of the responded claimed they love their jobs. This group consists of 120 men and 60 women.
  • 12% of the responded claimed to hate their job.
  • More than half of the survey responded are indifferent about their job.



A summary of the reasons why people love their job:

The 180 workers who love their jobs do so because of the perks, the convenient distance, their co-workers, flexible working terms, the option to work remotely, high salary rate and training giving to staff regarding responsibilities.

On the other hand, the 61 people that hate their job feel that way due to theproblems they face at work, like: poor salary, no benefits, far distance, lack of room for talent development, and hatred for their boss.

The indifferent 243 are neutral about the reason for their feelings towards work. They didn’t state whether they loved their job, or hated it.

For this survey geared towards why people love their job, we have solely focused on areas such as; top reasons why people love their job, which of both genders love their job more, which set of people love their job more, based on age range and what industry or career path has more employees who love their work.


Top Reasons Why People Love Their Job

The top reasons why people admitted to loving their job are:

  • Training
  • Money
  • Ability to work remotely
  • Travel perks
  • Additional Benefits
  • The support of their co-workers



Here is the breakdown of the survey:


#1: Do Men Love Their Jobs More Than Women?

The gender of a worker is another determinant on how much or less, they enjoy their work.

Women especially, have a much harder time at work than their male colleagues. When 9,500 women across the world were interviewed on the work place problems they faced, they reported low salary, harassment, balancing career and children, and few career opportunities as the cores reasons why their job is hard for them.

These issues in turn make it difficult for them to enjoy their work or get along with their bosses and male counterparts.

This fact is evident in the results of the survey which was split into men and women, asking them whether the loved their job or not. The result showed that a more men loved their jobs than women

do men love their jobs more than women


#2: Do People In A Particular Industry Or Career Path Love Their Job?

All industries have a specific mode of operations, and certain policies governing it. As to how these policies affect employee welfare is entirely dependent on how the industry is run.

Some industries have better ways of treating the employees than other industries do. And due to this, the way the employees feel about their work, may be either negative or positive.

On the question of finding out whether people in a particular industry or career path, love their job more, this is what we discovered:

The workers who loved their job more were mostly from these 3 industries:

  • NGO/ Nonprofit associations
  • Banking/ financial services
  • Education/ Teaching

These industries were loved more by the employees, either because of amenities like: high salary rate, lunch, training, the option to work remotely, co-workers, room for talent development, and travelling perks.


#3: Do People Love Their Jobs Less As They Grow Older


Based On Age Range Can We Say A Particular Set Of People Love Their Job More?

Since the survey was given to people of a specific age bracket, we wanted to see how much age and experience affects how much a person loves his or her job.

The questionnaire was distributed to people from: 18-24, 25-34, 35-44, 45-54, and 54-66.

The result show that the people who love their job more are people between the age ranges of 25-34 and 18-24. And those people were mostly working at NGOs, schools or banks.



Based On Gender Can We Say Particular Genders Love Their Job More?

As previously stated above, a total of 120 men which represented 40% of the respondent who loved their jobs where men while only 33.3% of women loved their job. It can be seen that men love their jobs more than women as they make up a larger part of that number.

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Following this survey a few things as to why people love their job can be noticed:

  • Out of 484 workers, only 37.2% of the people surveyed loved their job. Is this a pointer to the fact that a lot of people are not satisfied with their
  • Men love their jobs more than women. 40% of the respondent who loved their jobs where men while only 33.3% of women loved their jobs
  • 51% of people aged 18-24 and 60% of people between the age brackets of 45-64seems to love their job more than people in the age bracket 25-44.
  • Workers from industries such as, NGOs, banking and finance, and education/ teaching loved their job more. These may be because people working in these fields are well paid and touch lives directly.
  • Training opportunities (learning), monetary benefit, working remotely and the ability to travel were cited as the top reasons why people love their job.


What Can Employers Do To Get More People To Love Their Work:

According to the survey, what employers can do to get more people to love their work is to implement the following things (top reasons why people love their jobs) at their offices:

  • Training: Proper orientation and training should be given to staff about their jobs.
  • Good pay: Pay your staff well, a well-paid employee is a happy one.
  • Ability to work remotely: Provide them with the option to work from home.
  • Travel perks: Give workers travel packages. If it is too expensive, adopt travel insurance policy.
  • The support of their co-workers: Encourage co-operation and mentoring amongst your workers. They should support and teach each other about the job.

When workers are comfortable and happy in their offices, work performance increases, less burn outs occur and they love their job more because they are working in a stress-free environment.

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