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11 Best Career Groups on Facebook.

Updated on Oct 19, 2021 6357 views

Do you want awesome career advice but don’t want to leave your favorite social media platform?

Then you are in luck as I will be unveiling 11 career groups you can join on Facebook for amazing career advice.

While Facebook is known generally as a medium where you can find and interact with your family and friends, you can also expand your career networking abilities. 

Career groups are very powerful for networking.

When a couple of people come together with the common interest of sharing opportunities and career tips, it will definitely yield amazing results.

If you want to grow your career, then these Facebook groups are a most join.

I have personally been enjoying this amazing opportunity and I will be sharing a list of Facebook groups which will assist you network better. As you apply for hotnigerianjobs today, check out the Facebook groups below:



Name of Group-  HR Nigeria.

Total Members-  58,708

Owner- Adora Ikwuemesi

Type-  Closed

Topic covered-  Human Resource related issues.


This is a career group for human resource personnel. They discuss mostly employment processes, put out job opportunities occasionally, encourage love and care at your place of work. The group is also interested in tackling depression in the workplace. Depression is a very realistic issue and tips on overcoming such especially in the workplace are shared. Ways of deriving true satisfaction from your job is also discussed. I also like the guides to being a good interviewer.



Name of GroupCareer Achievers Group.

Total Members-  1,009

Owner-  Perpetual Iloka

Type- Closed

Topic Covered- Job Opportunities in Nigeria.           


It is a Non- Governmental Organization designed to fulfill some of these goals which includes: Assist individuals in choosing the right career path, equip individuals with the required tools in succeeding in their careers, advertise job vacancies and opportunities, assists individuals by connecting them with their careers, bring job seekers and employers under one umbrella, and promote the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ.



Name of Group- NursingWorld Nigeria

Total Members- 29,428

Owner- Nene Nwaobi Nwankwo

Type- Closed

Topic Covered- Health Related Topics.


Nursingworld Nigeria is a career group for nurses and aspiring nurses.It is an online nursing community and networking site for nurses interested in advancing their education, careers and personal lives by sharing experiences and knowledge with others. NURSINGWORLD NIGERIA is owned and operated by PALDOMO Healthcare, Inc.



Name of GroupMYJOBMAG

Total Members-  22,358

Owner-  Oguguamakwa Belonwu

Type-  General

Topic Covered-  Job Opportunities and Career Tips.


This group is a major job portal where only verified and legitimate job opportunities are put up. I love this group because apart from the Hot Nigerian jobs that are posted, they share insightful career tips that will help build a solid career. They ensure candidates get to apply for insider job vacancies that go unadvertised both online and in newspapers.



Name of GroupSmall Businesses in Nigeria

Total Members-  71,997

Owner-  Tricia Omo Oriere Ohenhen ,  Udeh Kennedy

Type-  Public

Topic Covered- Entrepreneurship Related Topics

It is a group where small businesses are encouraged, ways to earn a living through entrepreneurship. They share business ideas, tips on how to manage small businesses, funding required and so on. I love that the group serves as a means to advertise whatever business you are running. Business Partnerships are also formed on the group.



Name of GroupCareer Advice

Total Members-  1,475

Owner-  Unknown

Type- Public

Topic Covered-  Choosing a career path


This group shares career advices for young people. Job interview tips are shared and job opportunities are also shared on the group. Career Advice is a non-profitable project that offers advices to high school students, university undergraduate, postgraduate and early career researchers who take their career seriously and looking for a focused, effective and flexible career advice.



Name of Group- Career Insights

Total Members-  16,636

Owner- Unknown

Type- Public

Topic Covered- Career Related Topics


Career Insights believes in building up and not tearing down. They have built a strong community made up of buddies and mentors, experts in various digital fields willing to give you that push needed to help you achieve your dreams in today's digital age.



Name of Group Career Support NIgeria

Total Members-  642

Owner-  Esther Eshiet

Type-  Closed

Topic Covered-  Career and Business Development.


The Career Support Network (CASUN) is a very welcoming community based employment and entrepreneurship support group for individuals in various phases of their careers and businesses. It is a private community for us to encourage one another, ask questions, and inspire each other to reach our career and life goals. CASUN is a judgement free zone, we provide a safe space for career, business and personal development conversations for people who are entrepreneurs, unemployed, re-entering the job market, or seeking career advancement and change.




Name of Group-  Network of African Agriculture Professionals

Total Members- 10,803

Owner- Sunil Khairnar

Type- Closed

Topic Covered- Agriculture and Agro Processing Topics.


NAAP is a part of the ISAP networks which is an online platform aimed at enhancing information exchange amongst the African Agriculture professionals including farmers ISAP has promoted Network of African Agriculture Professionals (NAAP) with the aim of benefitting the African farmers and agri-professionals. NAAP is an online platform aimed at enhancing information exchange amongst the Agriculture professionals including farmers from India and Africa.



Name of Group- Aviation Career Mentorship

Total Members- 22,703

Owner- Gene Bishop

Type- Closed

Topic Covered- Career Tips around the Aviation Industry


This group is a Q&A group for the exchange of career building information between seasoned professionals and up-and-coming professionals. This group is not the place for flight training questions.



Name of GroupWomen Empowerment and Career in Nigeria

Total Members- 1,147

Owner-  Folashade Adeloye Adelegan

Type-  Closed

Topic Covered-  Women Empowerment

I love this group because of its orderliness. There are laid down rules and regulations that should be followed by all members of the group. It is peculiar and unique compared to other women empowerment groups. WECAN is a platform created by women for all women to have a better life, thrive in their businesses and career through Sharing, Learning  and information exchange.

This group is a support group for all women irrespective of their background, color, race, culture or status.

The goal is to create a better life for the women in the world.



Final Words.

Facebook groups are full of potentials and a lot of benefits for everyone willing to gain from them.

No man is an island of knowledge so search for a group, mingle, network and be open to learn and gain whatever knowledge you can from your fellow group members and who knows you just might get your dream job or that business idea you have been waiting for


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