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MyJobMag 30 Day Work Challenge: Day 12 - Take Scheduled Breaks

Updated on May 31, 2019 1269 views
MyJobMag 30 Day Work Challenge: Day 12 - Take Scheduled Breaks

Welcome to Day 12 of MyJobMag 30 Day Work Challenge. The 30 Day Work Challenge is designed to help you get your footing solid either you are starting a new job or as a new manager. You can tweet at us @myjobmag to let us know how you are doing or if you have any questions.

So ready for today’s challenge?

Do you know the secret to getting more done at work? If you say working your butt all day long, 8 hours straight, then you might be right.

However, that will not get you far. What it will do is get you burnt out so quickly sometimes you wish you had not taken up the work.

You see, for you to achieve more at work, you need to understand how to be productive. And there is a science and art behind productivity that most people have come to know.

So what productivity tip can you use today to ensure that you work not only better but smarter?

The single biggest way to be more productive is to actually take scheduled breaks. Avoid spending your break time working. Leverage it to refresh, to move around, to get the blood flowing through your system again. Assuming you have a cumulative one hour break, you may break this into six 10-minute breaks or take it at once.

In addition to being productive, taking walks during breaks is great for your health as it mitigates the effect of sitting for too long. Sitting for too long can be linked to increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, obesity and abnormal cholesterol level. Good health is key to your productivity.

And tomorrow I have something very important for you.

So watch out for tomorrow’s challenge. And just in case you know, you can actually join us on LinkedIn or Facebook and let us what you think about the work challenge

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