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Top 10 Career Resolutions to Make in 2018

Updated on Jan 04, 2018 9549 views
Top 10 Career Resolutions to Make in 2018


What career goals should you be making in 2019?

At the beginning of every New Year, many individuals make it customary to set some goals and make changes in various aspects of their lives which is often termed as “A New Year’s Resolution”. Generally, a New Year's resolution is a tradition, in which a person resolves to change an undesired trait or behavior, to accomplish a personal goal or otherwise improve the life. This, in its right context, is very appropriate and advisable for anyone to imbibe.

However, not many people are able to keep their resolutions made in January to March, much more August or December – they somehow drop it along the way. This is due to various reasons ranging from unrealistic desirable changes, unattainable set goals and etc. But one thing still stands, some persons are still able to keep their resolutions until the end of the year and even beyond. Thus, if it is possible for some, it is possible for all. This even makes it desirable as well.

It’s important to also add that the New Year is often time than not, the best time for appraisals and reviews of oneself or one’s projects. What one accomplished the previous year? Why couldn’t one achieve some things? Some changes to make in the current year and when to check one’s progress to that effect and on and on.

The reason for this is simple. The beginning of a year serves as a standard of time to appraise and review one's actions in the course of the previous year. Career, being one of the major aspects of one’s life becomes a very desirable aspect to make resolutions in also. Otherwise, the year may just end like every other previous one has and your career may just still remain the same as it has always been.


The 10 Career Resolutions to make in 2019:


1. Take up at least one Career Mentor

Isaac Newton who formulated the laws of motion and universal gravitation once said that “If I have seen further than others, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants – those that have gone ahead of me.” As simple as this quote is, it buttresses to a very large extent the importance of having those who have gone ahead of you in a particular area, on your side.

Career mentors give you guidance, professional advice, help motivate you and above all discipline you. If you want to get to the peak of your career or want to achieve a great feat in your profession before the end of 2018, then having a career mentor is non-negotiable.

Career mentors are everywhere in the society. Your place of work, the media, social bodies and affiliations and etc. Specifically, however, we have put together The Top 32 Career Mentors to follow on Twitter. Find out the one that aligns with your area of interest and get a head start for 2018.

2. Develop at least One Indispensable Skill in your Job Field

With the way the world is rapidly changing every day, it’s no doubt that some individuals will soon find themselves structurally unemployed. For example, before the extinction of typewriters, there was an urgent need for secretaries, receptionists and all those whose major means of livelihood were hinged on typing to learn the basic use of a computer. Those who did learn retained their jobs when Desktop computers became the order of the day in the corporate world. Those who refused to learn, got themselves swept off as the typewriters were discarded. This simply means one thing, as your profession evolves, evolve with it.

In 2018, some professions will see technology take a large chunk of their jobs. Only those with specific skills that are almost impossible for machines to carry out are going to retain their jobs. If you must be part of this few indispensable ones, then acquiring that skill is non-negotiable. For example, an accountant who is not abreast of the intermediate or advanced use of Microsoft Excel for financial modelling would soon find him or herself outdated and non-useful. Some don’t even know Basic. Please learn!

3. Take that Risk

I can easily guess that at least you had one thing you needed to do last year that you didn’t do because of fear. Fear of losing money, fear of losing your current job, fear of losing your investment, fear of the unknown and etc. I can also guess, that you will still encounter at least one of those issues that you must still have to take a decision in this year.

The thing is, you can either keep procrastinating and expect everything to be running smoothly before you take that step, or you can take that risk and be optimistic about a positive result. Remember “you miss 100% of every shot not taken”. Get closer to your dream this year.

4. Confront Habits that Hinders Productivity

Last year, you were probably on the verge of losing your job, an investment or something very important to your career growth due to a negative habit. You know you were the cause and no one else is to be blamed for it.

Could it be as a result of too much sleep, procrastination, laziness, greed, extravagance or whatever? Truth is, any habit that hinders your productivity will always stunt your career growth. Resolve to stop that habit this year before it stops you.

5. Develop a Professional Self Awareness

Whether you are pursuing a professional career path, or not, professionalism is key. It goes beyond your career, place of work or company’s culture. It’s a personal attribute that you should hold as a badge of honor wherever you go. Truth is, there were probably some things you would have achieved last year with a client, a customer, or a business partner, but your attitude hindered it. Business should be treated as business and not allow personal feelings and actions come to play. Resolve to do that this year.

6. Review your LinkedIn Account

The beginning of the year is definitely the best time for additions. For some individuals, their LinkedIn account has been as they created it twenty-six months ago. No additional skills, experience or review of profile even though they have gotten those things now. You may probably say, “Since I have a job, why then waste time developing my account?” Well, the truth is LinkedIn goes beyond just a platform for looking for jobs. It helps build connections and networks which will definitely find itself useful for you in the future. Resolve to that this year.

7. Review and Update your CV Regularly

The same rule for your LinkedIn account goes for your CV also. Perhaps, you have not had a need to make use of your CV for years now. That’s even more reasons you should update it now for the future. Except you probably want to remain in the same company until retirement. Even at that, your CV may be requested tomorrow for a promotion interview.

For the Job-seekers, no one needs to do this better than you do. The same CV that didn’t give you a Job last year might likely not also give you a job this year. You can’t keep using a particular method and expect a different result, No! Update your CV today.

We also offer professional CV rewrite services to help your CV stand out among other Job applicants in this 2018.

8. Join a Professional Body or Association

A university degree is important but no longer an end itself. It is not the end of education. In the 21st century now, it even serves as a foundation for a proper launch in one career. Currently, you cannot study Accounting alone in the University and expect to be given equal treatment with one with an additional pedigree as a Chartered Accountant. It doesn’t work that way. You can join a Chartered Body via examination, registration and whatever, Inquire about them. Virtually all professions today have at least one professional body, association or any kind of affiliation. Just being alone has not helped you before, it won’t now. Resolve to join a professional body today.

9. Adopt a Reading Lifestyle or Cycle

Henry Ford said, “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty.” Ageing no longer comes with number. Biologically, it does but in this 21st century that philosophy is outdated. Because you have earned a degree doesn’t mean you are done learning. Otherwise, your contemporaries at work that pay lots of attention to learning will always beat you hands down in most things.

Versatility is a major feature of this century. Read about careers, related to you or not. Just learn. Before, it is said that “you should know a little about everything.” This is a good saying and encourage-able. Now, however, it is said that “the future belongs to those who know everything about everything”. Please don’t go and allow your course of study streamline your mindset. You are bigger and better than that. Resolve to learn today.

We have also put together a collection of The Top 100 Blogs to follow and read various materials from in 2018.

10. Take up Leadership Responsibilities

Throughout your University days, you probably ran away from any leadership responsibilities that came your way. Now, you keep running too. The outcomes of this are simple. First, you might never get the privilege to lead others in your workplace. Secondly, even if you do have the opportunity, you might never be able to do it effectively.

Start involving in teamwork now, take up responsibilities, take initiatives, bring ideas and etc. So that when that opportunity comes in the future, you will be ready for it. Remember luck is opportunity meeting preparation. If you want to be regarded as lucky, do this.


Conclusion (Honor your Resolution)

Words they say are cheap. True! However, people who become really successful that you see today, don’t just make cheap words. Their word is their bond. If you resolve to do all or some of the above today, ensure it’s not just cheap words made like every other mediocre out there. Distinguish yourself and take actions to do what you have resolved to do.


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