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Top 100 Career Blogs Everyone Must Follow in 2024

Updated on Jan 13, 2024 34862 views
Top 100 Career Blogs Everyone Must Follow in 2024

Nelson Mandela once said, “It seems impossible until you do it”. That was exactly how we felt when we wanted to create this article top 100 career blogs to read and follow in 2024.

We just did not want to create just another list of blogs but we really wanted to create a resource that everyone could find useful even as you apply for hotnigerianjobs today. Just like we created the ultimate guide to the job interview, we wanted another set of resources that anyone no matter what level your career is will find useful.

So how did we arrive at our list?

a. We collated all the top career blogs. In total, we have over 1500 lists.

b. We then looked at a lot of criteria. Specifically, we checked

  • Frequency of post
  • How consistent they have been
  • How actionable their tips are



One major thing we afforded was popularity. While it is good for a site to be popular, it is of importance that the advice they also give is practicable. These career blogs are great for young professionals that want to grow their careers.

With the above criteria, we are able to present to you, in no particular order, we present the top 100 career blogs of 2024.



To all our winners, here is a badge to show for your hard work and for being on the best award list of the year. This list is maintained by MyJobMag, the leading publisher of jobs in Nigeria. If you think we miss a site, please reach out at


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1. Corporette

Corporette is a fashion-driven blog with a touch of lifestyle and career advice for overachieving chicks. They primarily offer advice about fashion in the context of an organization’s workspace. Thinking of what to wear in different corporate engagements, then Corporette is the place.


2. CareerDesigns

If you are dreaming of success and not sure of how to make it happen, then Career Designs is the best career blog for you. Career Designs is managed by Erin, a career coach and working mom. On the blog, you will find amazing career advice that covers interviews, application of data and machine learning and personal branding and much more. If you interested in taking your career a notch higher, you will find specialized career products designed to fit into any stage your career is.


3. The Voice of Job Seekers

The Voice of Job Seekers is about solutions from many angles, unraveling employer mysteries, and answering as many questions to help various individuals cutting across all educational and cultural backgrounds. Even if one is employed and looking to move on, one would still find advice that will fit his or her situation in this blog. is a multiple award-winning blog site that simply aims to be the primary destination for job-seekers and freelancers to find useful advice, insights, resources and inspiration for starting & growing their professional and freelance careers.


5. Five Strengths

Five strength offers executive resume writing services. They work on a one-on-one basis with demanding executive job seekers to uncover, deconstruct, and rebuild their career histories into powerful demonstrations of talents, accomplishments, and professional branding.

Their unique approach to marketing executive clients delivers the right message to hiring executives in their industry-specific language and proves beyond a doubt that the candidate has the proper experience to serve the executive team.

They also capture executive job seekers’ career histories using their goals as the lens through which to focus their talents and expertise, ensuring the hiring team learns exactly what it needs to know, executive resume, LinkedIn profile, cover letter, and strategic career coaching, to call the candidate for the interview.


6. MacList 

Building a successful career means you are armed with the right information to help you find and land a job. Mac list, without doubt, offers a premier resources for helping passionate, creative professionals learn how to find meaningful and rewarding work in Portland, Oregon.


7. Bulls Eye Recruiting


Bulls Eye Recruiting is a recruitment agency for sales. Marketing and Human Resources roles. Though they started out as a blog, they have however morphed into a full-blown recruiting agency. Bulls Eye Recruiting’s focus is helping organizations find key hires in the areas of sales, marketing and HR. They also write lots of career-driven posts which have made them be known globally.


8. ThriveYard

Looking for in-depth career resources? Then you will find ThriveYard definitely the go-to resource. Founded by Duncan Muguku, the site offers career resources in a different formats making it easy for both experienced and newbies just starting their career to read and thereby be successful.


9. Ace Your Interview

Looking to pass your job interview and build a great career? Then make AceYourInterview your destination. AceYourInterview has been globally recognised as the top career and job interview site and has won numerous awards over the year. With articles on different career journeys and expert services like resume writing, interview coaching, the site deserves all the accolades it has attained. AceYourInterview is founded by Victoria A. LoCascio, a top LinkedIn resume and LI profile writer.


10. Career Impressions

Are you a prominent business leader: CEO, CFO, COO, CIO, CTO, President, Vice President, Director, Manager - or Rising Professional - looking to level up, land a role faster, and increase your earning power? Adrienne Tom, the founder, partners with executives, directors, managers, and rising professionals to help them secure a more lucrative career.


11. Careerladder

Career Advice and guidance at the tip of your finger? Then Careerladder is your go-to-resources. Founded by Terence, CareerLadder offers resources, training and capacities to help job seekers achieve their career objectives. Get all the knowledge and skills to acquire explosive results in 2024.


12. MyJobMag Blog

MyJobMag Blog is a career advice blog offering a wide range of interview tips, career tips, career resources and much more. The blog is a subset of the main site which is a job site in Nigeria


13. Careerfolk

“In order to move forward, you must take a few steps back and reflect on who you are now and determine where you want to go.” This is the focus of career folk. As a career blog, they help to give an in-depth analysis of personality style, key interests, values and strengths. Some of their other services include personal branding, resume writings, LinkedIn optimization, cover letter development and job search correspondence.


14. HallieCrawford

Hallie Crawford was founded by certified career coach, speaker and author Hallie Crawford. Hallie has served on the Board of the Georgia Coach Association and is regularly featured as a career expert on CNN, Fox News,, US News and World Report and The Wall Street Journal. Their team of certified career coaches have helped job seekers nationwide identify their ideal career path, navigate their career transition and achieve their career goals.


15. Begin Again Coaching

Begin Again Coaching is into career coaching, life coaching and executive coaching. Their approach is creative, strategic, respectful and pragmatic. They help clients hone in on their strengths, interests and values and then use these to navigate personal and professional growth. They coach people at all levels of their careers.


16. Oliver James

Oliver James Associates is a global recruitment partner with specialist teams in the Financial Services, Professional Services, and Commerce & Industry sectors. Their values of innovation, passion, adaptability, partnership, respect and excellence underpin the working practices we adopt across 12 offices worldwide.


17. My Executive Career Coach

Linda assists clients in discovering their skills and strengths; developing their value proposition and strategic plan; targeting opportunities that advance their careers to the next level and supporting them through a skilful negotiation process.


18. Ashley International

Disappointed in your current situation and unsure about what to do next. You don’t just want another job; you want a meaningful career that pays you well. Are you also passionate about owning your own business or side hustle? Then Ashley international is the career blog for you. Ashley international offers clarity coaching, job hunt coaching and business coaching. With all of these in place, you are sure of finding what you really love to do and being successful in it.


19. Work Like an Artist

Work like an Artist is a blog by Karl Rohde. The blog’s write up amplifies personal leadership, agile teams, workplace culture and creativity at work against the backdrop of the entrepreneurial age.


20. Ask a Manager

This career website provides job search/job interview tips and advice to job seekers. If you are ready to give your job search a boost, then you should visit this website for useful job search tips.

21. MyRightFitJob

Not satisfied with your job? Want a change in career or job? Then read the advice shared by Julie. Julie Erickson is the founder of MyRightFitJob and shares amazing career advice on how to find, create and do the job you absolutely love. If you really want to build a successful career, then you need to bookmark this site as one of the go-to destinations for amazing career advice in 2024.


22. Career Coaching 360

Do you keep thinking, if you need a new job and you think it every day? If yes, then it’s time to get career coaching. Based on your unique situation, you’ll get personal career coaching and a step-by-step action plan to re-set your career bar, break through challenges and create new career opportunities. Career coaching 360 is a leading career blog that helps professionals think differently and act more proactively in their career. They have been able to help thousands of professionals and executives get hired, promoted or take their career in a whole new direction.


23. Career Geek         

Career Geek blog focuses on creating career and personal development content for Gen Y. Since 2011, resident blogger has been writing about career advice and career hacks for students and graduates to go through the early stages of their career. Over the past few years Career Geek has gained momentum as a trustworthy blog writing through experience. And that’s true of all the bloggers who’ve written on Career Geek.


24. Position Ignition   

Position Ignition is a leading career consulting and online career publishing company. They specialize in career change for individuals, and in leadership development and management development for corporations. Their comprehensive career development support helps people to make the right career decisions and get the most out of their careers through personalized coaching and mentoring, and through their online career resources.


25. Lea McLeod

Lea McLeod is a career consulting firm that helps people tackle challenges they encounter at work. They offer career coaching, interview coaching and leadership development services. The firm believes in a philosophy of helping people find peace at work. They specialize in helping people identify the core issue, understand the context of the situation, figure out the right way to respond, and identify the best action to take. And in the process, they become empowered, confident and a little more kick-ass than they may feel right now.


26. Brazen Blog

Brazen Blog aims at helping people make more meaningful connections in the easiest way possible. They believe that everyone deserves a job they love. Brazen was founded under this belief, and to this day their product and culture are defined by this core value.


27. Idealist Careers Blog

Idealist Careers is a publication of They offer passionate and driven social-impact professionals and job seekers the largest online collection of high-quality, inspiring, and useful social-impact content.


28. The Career Strategy Group

The Career Strategy Group is a leader in corporate outplacement, professional/executive resume writing and job search strategy execution. Comprised of award-winning resume writers and nationally-recognized job search experts, The Career Strategy Group partners with Job seekers all over the world to help them land a job faster. They also partner with companies, non-profits, associations and small businesses in the Washington D.C. area and all across the Eastern Seaboard, enabling them to provide their employees with a soft landing post-layoff or reduction in force.


29. HR Bartender

HR Bartender focuses on topics that relate to the workplace, not just human resources. Some of their most popular subjects deal with how to be a better supervisor and leader, employee engagement and career advice. They frequently answer readers’ questions about everything from what happens during an employee investigation to providing job references during interviews. They share new content 3-4 times a week.


30. Blogging 4 Jobs

Workology is a destination for the disruptive workplace leader discussing trends, tools and case studies for HR, recruiting professionals and business leaders. The site and community is designed for those who are tired of the status quo and are compelled to change and transform not just their organization but the world of work and the human capital industry.


31. Penelope Trunk

If you are looking for cutting edge career advice, then the Penelope Trunk career website is the perfect place for you. Penelope shares real-life practical career advice for everyone on her blog which is currently her fourth startup.


32. Dan Schawbel

Dan Schawbel blog is a multiple award-winning career blog. The blog has been recognized by various international media platforms such as Forbes and Bloomberg. Dan Schawbel’s blog offers various career advisers cutting across different aspects of the workplace. The founder Dan has a mission to support his generation from students to CEOs.


33. Women on the Fence

This blog was created for all women who have ever been on the fence. In Life. In Business. In Love. In anything. Period. The goal of the Blog is to teach, inspire and unite all women. To let them vent their frustrations about living life on the fence.


34. When I Work

They create transformative, simple products that help hourly employees and managers work better together. They also spend every day doting over how technology can empower the hourly workforce like nothing the world has ever seen.


35. The Savvy Intern

YouTern enables young talents to become highly employable by connecting them to high-impact internships and mentors – and through contemporary career advice found on their blog. They have been recognized by various platforms as a major influencer for the young careerists of today.


36. Michael Lee Stallard

E Pluribus Partners is the leader in helping business, government, healthcare and higher education organization create and sustain Connection Cultures that increase employee engagement and strategic alignment to boost productivity, innovation and organizational performance.


37. Bossed Up

This website is created to help ambitious women overcome burnout and achieve success in their careers. You will be exposed to inspirational and thoughtful career and positive blog posts that will move you to the next level. 

38. Corn on the Job

Corn on the Job offers to resume writing services, cover letter writing services, job search consulting and mock interviews. They also offer job seekers a social media package that helps them to take advantage of various social platforms for their career growth.


39. Keppie Careers

Are you a job seeker or business owner? Keppie Careers is the perfect place. They offer cutting-edge information on the latest trends to help you succeed. The site also offers social media strategies, consultants for job seekers and entrepreneurs, a new economy job search coach, and resume writing.


40. HerAgenda

Her Agenda is a digital media platform working to bridge the gap between ambition and achievement for millennial women. They aim to universalize the motto of No-one Ever Slows Her Agenda through their various online initiatives. 


41. My Lifestyle Career

My Lifestyle Career is founded by Nancy Collamer, a career consultant, speaker and author. Her passion is helping people find fun, fulfilling and flexible ways to profit from their passions during their semi-retirement years.


42. The Productivity Pro

The Productivity Pro is a boutique consulting firm helping leaders to increase their work performance in high-stress environments. They write blog topics cutting across areas such as performance, time management, leadership & teamwork, tools & systems and life balance.


43. Copeland Coaching

Copeland Coaching provides career transition and outplacement services to organizations looking for assistance in transitioning employees to a new path. Copeland Coaching works both with individuals and groups. They also provide high touch services that are customized to the needs of the individual organization and the job-seeking professional. Their career coaching services go through all stages of the job search process, including finding the right job, personal branding, interviewing and negotiating.


44. The Office Blend

At The Office Blend, supporting peoples’ work life is the ultimate goal. They accomplish this through various strategies ranging from, down-to-earth informed advice, laser-focused products and education, workplace-focused book recommendations and a touch of inspiration.


45. Careershifters

Career shifters help bright, motivated people who feel stuck in the wrong career find and move into more fulfilling work. Since traditional career guidance isn't working, they are reinventing it. Drawing from the worlds of entrepreneurship, psychology and design thinking, they are powering their approaches through community and technology.


46. Executive Career Brand

Executive career brands help their clients to identify and communicate their true passions and drivers. Meg is the founder and her personal branding process propels the clients toward jobs that meet their financial and career fulfilment needs. 


47. Career Attraction

Career Attraction helps driven job candidates get the position and compensation they deserve. If you look forward to growing your career to the point of creating a sustainable income for yourself, the Career Attraction is the way to go. Career attraction focuses on topics ranging from (job searching, recruitment, resume mistakes, interviews, changing industries/changing careers, work environment, LinkedIn tips, working abroad, networking and salary negotiation.).


48. Career Solvers

Career Solvers specializes in managing job search campaigns for six and seven-figure professionals and executives who know where they want to go but need assistance uncovering the most efficient path.


49. Absolutely Abby

Drawn from my 18 years of experience and research in recruiting and Human Resources, Absolutely Abby’s blog posts are intended to provide insight into what corporate recruiters and Human Resource professionals look for when they are evaluating your qualifications.


50. Career Trend

Career Trend is a multiple award-winning career site with a specialization in executive resume writing. Of 50 master resume writers, only career trend has crafted more than 1,500 career stories. This feat has added an additional feather to its cap.


51. Campus to Career

Campus to Career is dedicated to job seekers of all kinds, with a particular focus on college students and preparation for their careers after graduation. Kirk Baumann, the founder is a passionate recruiting advocate preparing the next generation of talent for the career of their dreams.


52. Gen Y Girl

Basically, the Gen Y Girl blog centres on subject areas such as careers, beauty, fashion, adulating, finance, travelling and recently parenting. The Gen Y Girl have been blogging for 5 years now and write beautiful articles on any of the subject areas above.


53. TopResume

TopResume is the largest resume-writing service in the world. Their writer network is made up of certified career coaches, recruiters, and professionals with expertise in more than 65 industries. Interested in any of the areas? You can be matched with the perfect writer to determine how to best tell your career story.


54. Six Figure Start

Six-Figure Start, offers career coaching services and believe that there is one simple difference between people who find exactly the career they want and those who settle for something less. In addition to their coaching service, they also provide speaking service via which they have wow’ed hundreds of audiences, including Google, Goldman Sachs, NYU and more.


55. Career Potential

In Career Potential, the Career Coaches bring a broad and varied range of skills to bear. Each coach is highly experienced and offers a specific area of expertise in the career consulting field. Team members have been carefully selected for their complementary strengths, as well as their integrity and commitment to client success. This is a perfect blog to enhance your potential.


56. Chameleon Resumes

Chameleon Resumes team is the only Executive Resume Writing, LinkedIn Profile Development & Job Search Coaching consultancy firm hired by LinkedIn and recognized by Forbes as a Top 100 Career Website. Their unique team of experienced corporate and search firm recruiters, with over 80 years of combined recruiting experience, has been quoted in prominent media outlets and extensively endorsed by current practising recruiters.


57. Daisy Wright

Are you an executive, manager or mid-career professional looking for a career partner to point you in the "Wright" career direction? Then your search is over. Wright collaborates with clients to develop career marketing documents that showcase their personal brand and get them noticed. If you are in need of a compelling resume, an attention-grabbing LinkedIn Profile, or job search coaching, this is the “wright” place.


58. MMM Career Consulting

The approach of MMM Career Consulting starts with helping you get clear on your ideal career through Soul Search, followed by investigating career possibilities with the necessary Research and then undertaking a targeted Job Search. They believe that obtaining and maintaining the proper career change mindset for a positive career change is also a crucial part of the career change process.


59. Personal Branding Blog

The Personal Branding Blog is the Number 1 resource for personal branding online. The way they manage their careers is changing, due to the rise in competition and the introduction of web 2.0. They believe that, in order to extend their reach, visibility and networking capabilities, must turn to personal branding as the saviour.


60. Cube Rules

Cube Rules is not just every other ordinary kind of career site. Their focus is on helping people who work in cubicles navigate the transitions of a career. The transitions centre on the three critical areas needed for them to master employment security: How to land a job, succeed in a job, and build employment security. These are their core focal point.


61. The Resume Place

The Resume Place is the leading federal resume writing firm in the US. Their Writing team crafts an average of 1,500 resumes per year. The company’s website is visited by 15,000 jobseekers daily. Kathry, the founder and her staff teach federal resume writing in more than 50 federal agencies each year.


62. Career Woman, Inc.

When searching for a career coach, business consultant/trainer, or pageant coach, your goal should be to find the most highly qualified person; someone who has “been there, done that.”  Career Woman, Inc. is a Seattle-based career coaching and consulting agency founded by the #1 expert in women’s careers, Lisa Quast, a certified career coach, mentor, business consultant, former Fortune 500 executive and award-winning author and blogger.


63. Ms. Career Girl

More and more girls every day seek mentors and guidance as the exhilarating array of choices are lain out in front of them in today’s fast-paced cosmopolitan world. Women now understand not just the importance, but the real possibility of having a booming career, a happy family, loving relationships, and a solid sense of self. This is the motivation behind


64. Ask the Headhunter

Ask the Headhunter believes that success in job hunting isn’t about chasing job postings, sending resumes, and filling out endless online application forms. Nick, the founder has been online, revealing the fallacies that conspire to keep talented workers and good employers apart and openly sharing the headhunter’s sound, profitable methods for getting them together. If you’re changing careers, Nick will show you how.


65. Kathy Caprino

Kathy Caprino is an internationally-recognized women’s career success and work-life expert, leadership consultant, speaker, and trainer dedicated to the advancement of women in business.
Drawing on her national research, therapeutic and coaching training, and business experience, Kathy provides one-on-one career consulting, group training, online courses, workshops, leadership seminars and training resources aimed to support women to reach their highest professional visions.


66. Talent

Talent is a progressive and highly innovative technology and digital recruitment specialist, supplying thousands of contract and permanent technology professionals across the globe.


67. Sklover Working Wisdom

Sklover Working Wisdom’s mission is to instruct and inspire employees in their lifelong workplace “negotiations.” They however believe that to instruct and inspire, it is necessary, first, to communicate. And to communicate with the widest possible audience, they work with the media. They have collaborated with a wide variety of media outlets regarding workplace issues, trends and topics of interest, especially related to negotiation.


68. Prolific Living

Prolific Living’s mission is to help individuals unlock their truth and then have the courage to live it, breathe it, and share it with the world – and to never be afraid or ashamed of it.


69. Pathfinder

Pathfinder writing and career services is a trusted guide who can get you pointed onto the right career path. Clients from across the United States and Canada and from all career levels have benefited from its highly-focused and results-oriented resume, cover letter, and job search coaching services.


70. Careertopia (Now Called Balance Work Life)

Balanced Work Life aim is simply to enable organizations, leaders and their teams to reach their potential by providing unique advantages in the game of business & life through insights, innovations and inspirations.


71. VocationVillage Blog

Vocation Village Blog focuses on career coaching, counselling, and consulting. If you are unsure of your educational or career path and you want to know how to increase vocational clarity, this blog is just the perfect place.


72. Milewalk

Milewalk is an executive search and human capital consulting organization that specializes in matching top-quality information technology and strategic professionals with high-calibre companies.


73. Brooklyn Resume Studio

Brooklyn Resume Studio’s blog focuses on information bothering on resume writing, cover letter writing, LinkedIn development, job search, career change, personal branding, interviewing, networking and freelancing.


74. Career Directions

Career Directions believe that resume isn’t something to outsource to just anyone. You need someone who can deliver the documents that will help you achieve your goals. With their over twenty years of experience in this field, they have gotten the insight and a “feel” for what leads to success in the job search arena.


75. Harper Spero

Harper Spero career blog specializes in helping aspiring and current entrepreneurs and solopreneurs create tactical plans for growth and navigate their careers to bring balance, fulfilment and structure to their lives and businesses. Using a mix of customized tools and hands-on techniques in her one-on-one coaching programs, Harper coaches’ clients to get out of their comfort zones and to do the things that light them up, creating freedom, success and joy. Her clients become better communicators and confident risk-takers who are unafraid to bring their ideas to life.


76. Career Tips to Go

Career Tips to go provides practical career advice you can use. It is designed to help people work effectively to achieve the results they deserve and the rewards they desire.


77. Mary Elizabeth Bradford

Mary Elizabeth Bradford blog is focused on inspiring and empowering 6- and 7-figure executives and rising stars by providing authentic, innovative, and motivating ways for them to secure the executive position they want and support with everything needed in the process.


78. Distinctive Documents

Distinctive Documents utilizes a proprietary methodology to offer job hunters worldwide their expertise in professional resume writing services, consultation, design, and distribution.  They pride themselves in assisting professional resume writing services clients with all the tools necessary for a successful and productive job search.


79. Wishingwell Coaching

Have you worked hard and achieved success, but now, at mid-life, your priorities have shifted, and you're feeling bored. At Wishingwell Consulting, they work with people who are successful, passionate, people-focused, have high potential, and can’t be easily defined by one label because they are excited about too many different things.


80. Gia Ganesh

Gia, the founder is passionate about helping people eliminate career burnout and make empowered career choices that keep them fulfilled. People who are stagnating and unfulfilled often find meaning, passion and purpose and a renewed zest for their careers after working with her.


81. Melissa Llarena

Melissa Llarena, the founder has coached several professionals around the world on how to effectively and confidently sell themselves during a job interview and helped millions through articles in Forbes, Money Magazine, Huffington Post, Financial Times, CNBC and Fox Business.


82. Ivy Exe

With instant access to an exclusive community of high-achieving professionals, Ivy Exec gives new meaning to Executive Search. Their Executive Search Team possesses broad and deep industry experience and firmly established relationships with the world’s leading companies.


83. Dynamic Transitions

Dynamic Transitions is a licensed psychology firm in New York. They bring substantial professional experience, including management, senior administrative and C-Suite roles. They also offer professional career coaching for a variety of clients from executives, managers and entrepreneurs to career changers and those who are career “confused” or who are seeking career advancement. In addition, they also provide consultation services to help strengthen and grow organizations. This also includes a variety of services to help you develop job search skills or respond to career challenges that affect personal relationships. 84. Recruiting Raya

Recruiting Raya is community-conscious, sensitive to our environment, and devoted to human causes. They simply believe every human being has a right to clean air, water, food, and education without clauses.

85. Mo Faul

Mo Faul coaches teaches and speaks all over the country about how to turn tragedy into triumph and bring the kick-ass (with soul) back to your career and life.

86. Personal Career Management Blog

Personal Career Management is the UK’s leading provider of outplacement services, career coaching programmes and executive coaching for individual and corporate clients. They specialise in career management and work with clients from a wide range of professional, management and senior executive backgrounds.


87. Sterling Career Concepts

Sterling Career Concepts typical clients are senior professionals or rising executives who are preparing for a job search and recognize the value of partnering with a career expert to maximize productivity and optimize results. They also help clients returning to work and new college graduates with effective job search tools and strategies.


88. Careers Done Write

Debra Wheatman, President of Careers Done Write, provides expert insight into the job search process that puts your career in gear with tips for interviewing, networking, job search strategies and how to create a winning resume and cover letter.


89. The Writing Guru

The Writing Guru believes that today, individuals need more than just a resume and a LinkedIn profile to job search or acquire their next business opportunity. They need to be a thought leader who can be the voice of their industry and the go-to expert everyone wants to lean on for knowledge. As a career branding expert with more than 100 features in over 40 media outlets, their job is to get you there, and with the right finesse.


90. The Prepary

The Prepary philosophy is rooted in the idea that a job search should be thoughtful, engaging and even enjoyable. Sounds like an oxymoron. But Prepary founder Jaime Petkanics set out to create just that: job search advice with a personalized, straightforward, no-holds-barred approach.


91. CoachDQ

Dawn Quesnel, affectionately known as “Coach DQ” is passionate about helping people exceed their short term career objectives and long-term career goals. Her ground-breaking BRIDGE Method provides a path for finding gainful employment 50% faster than using the traditional approach.


92. Daisy Swan & Associates

The founder Daisy Swan has over 25 years of experience in helping people get curious about what they want, and how to get it.  She has been a lifelong seeker, always looking for the most genuine way of working and living.  She applies the questions that propel her forward to help individuals with their search for what they want and need.


93. Career Connector

Career Connector has been a guide to hundreds of clients to understand where their strengths and interests fit in the world of work and how to position and market themselves for opportunities.


94. Walk of Life Consulting

Walk of Life Consulting is the leading talent and career advisory service in the impact, sustainability, CR and international development sectors. With improved strategies, assessments and market insights, they guide change-makers and career changers across private, NGOs and public sectors to realize their impact potential.


95. Feather Communications Blog

Feather Communications works with businesses to develop customized training, marketing, and writing solutions. For several years, Feather Communications has assisted local, regional, and national organizations with their communications needs.


96. Ladders

Ladders have the tools, expertise, and advice to help make you a stronger candidate for top positions. Our products are specifically designed for focused professional who is ready for the next step and wants to continue moving up in their career.


97. WorkPac Group

WorkPac Group’s core business is the attraction, selection and career management of talented individuals for a vast range of role classifications from unskilled to trades to professional roles. They also advocate for diversity in the workforce, driving programs for Indigenous employment through our JobTrail business.

98. Big Interview

Big Interview was developed based on the proven training techniques that have worked for hundreds of one-on-one clients. On a daily basis, they work with various individuals to land them their dream jobs. Their clients range from college students to surgeons to CEOs.

99. College Grad

CollegeGrad is the #1 entry level job site for college students and recent grads per Alexa. They were founded in 1995 and are the only one of the three original entry-level job sites (along with Jobtrak and Jobdirect) remaining today.


100. 2KnowMysef

2knowmysef is not a complicated medical website nor a boring online encyclopedia but rather a place where you will find simple, to the point and effective information that is backed by psychology and presented in a simple way that you can understand and apply.

There you have. The top 100 career blogs for amazing career advice in 2024.

Congratulations to all winners. 


Staff Writer

This article was written and edited by a staff writer.

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