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Job Interview Tips- The Ulltimate Job Interview Resource

Updated on Nov 12, 2017 10402 views
Job Interview Tips- The Ulltimate Job Interview Resource

This  guide to job interview is an encyclopedia of all the information that job seekers and interviewees of different forms need to know. It encompasses every minute detail of a job interview, starting from the point of getting an interview schedule to professionally acing the interview.

It also contains how to be effective and efficient in the first hundred (100) days at work. It is very quintessential for potential job interviewees to have this, as it is not just a guide to interviews but also a tool for sure success in that interview. So, do well to share with your friends and those in need of it.

Let’s get it started.


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Chapter 1: Understanding the job interview process

When you get an interview schedule with a firm, the first stage in preparing for an interview, is to have a keen understanding of the concept of a job interview. Not just knowing it as a term in the recruitment process, but also understanding it thoroughly. The articles below in this first chapter, will help interviewees, particularly fresh job seekers to understand what job interview is, what it is like, the process, it’s importance and the various forms and manners a job interview can take.


Chapter 2: How to prepare for job interview

After one understands the basic concepts and forms of job interviews, the next logical step is to know how to prepare for one. The articles below, gives different perspectives on how to prepare for a job interview irrespective of the form and manner it is to be carried out. It also contains the forms of dressing and outfit that is appropriate for a job interview and what to eat while going for an interview.


Chapter 3: How to answer the "tell me about yourself" job interview question

The main deal of an interview is the content. Often than not, at an interview, you would be asked this question “tell me about yourself”. As simple as it sounds, it can be a determinant of whether you get the job or not. Some recruiters reveal that most times, they make up their mind on which candidate to select after the response they get from this question. So, this question can be referred to as the difference maker in an interview. The articles below focus on how to effectively answer this difference making question.



Chapter 4: Tips on how to pass job interviews

Based on experiences of various successful interviewees, you would get to hear different opinions of what they think distinguished them from other candidates. These thus serve as tips that could distinguish you also. Some of the tips that could bring distinction in a job interview are as follows in the articles below.


Chapter 5: The toughest job interview questions and how to answer them

Loosely speaking, interview means discussion. It involves questions and answers. What you answer and how to answer them are very crucial parts of a job interview process. The articles below contains the frequent tough questions in an interview and how to answer them appropriately.


Chapter 6: How to negotiate salary during a job interview

Money! Money! Money! Very important part of the interview. How do you answer this without looking greedy and at the same time don’t end up being cheated? Find out from the articles below. They contain strategies, schemes and methods of effectively answering the salary question and negotiating salary aright during an interview.


Chapter 7: How to succeed on your first 100 days at work

Lastly, after getting the job offer (which you sure would do if you follow the information above), your focus should be how to adapt to a firm’s culture and make fantastic moves that would give a good impression about you at your new workplace. Thus, the articles below contains how to be effective and at the same time efficient in your first 100 days at work.



In the course of following these process in a job interview, it is important you remember the place of enthusiasm. Ability to transfer your smile to your job interviewer can leave a mark of you on him and would ultimately make you distinct from the other mass candidates who applied for the same Job. Enthusiasm is key.


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