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The 6 Best Advices For Job Seekers In 2018

Updated on Jan 18, 2016 3498 views

Here starts my professional life”. With this one phrase in mind, many job-seekers start their job hunt. They knowingly or unknowingly use some of the below-listed ways for searching the jobs. Many meet the success and other keep on striving. The reason for their failure can be many, but if they manage to cover every possible way to get to jobs, the effort accomplishes. To help you get through the job search process, here we have listed down the top 7 ways that can help you win a great opportunity in no time.

1.     Take advantage of Networking:

Networking is one power-tool to find the job you are looking for. Connect with every individual; your family member, friend, neighbors, colleagues, customers, vendors, associates, etc. who works in the industry you are interested in as the job leads are now developed/discovered primarily through networking. The bigger your network is the more opportunities you can have. So approach every single person in your network and keep expanding it.

2.     Check out Industry-specific online Job portals

Online job portals are the second biggest source of generating job leads.  You would have also posted your resume on many such sites but doing that won’t work literally. To get the job of your choice, target industry–specific job portals or the sites that allow job filtering based on your desired field and place. Having job filters can simplify the job finding process and can save you time a lot of time.

3.     Attend Job Fairs:

Job fairs are relatively new forums that are playing the role of a bridge between employers and the job seekers. Organizations send their employees to the Job Fair to recruit top-notch talent and job seekers meet the top employers there. These fairs occur every now and then. So, get yourself prepared and make a strategy that can help you stand out of the rest.

4.     Create LinkedIn Profile

Let your desired job approach you. Create an impressive profile over LinkedIn and join as many recruiter groups as you can. LinkedIn is the place where employers search for the best suited candidate for the job vacancy they have so, present yourself the best way you can and avail this opportunity to get selected by the employer of your choice.

5.     Search for Twitter Hashtags

Social media is on the boom and it is not left behind for the employers and job seekers. Go now to your twitter profile and put hashtags such as #hiring, #opportunity, #HR etc in your search bar. You can also specify your search by using industry-specific hashtags such as #SEO, #telecom, #sales&marketing, etc. In addition to looking for jobs, you can put yourself in the list of prospects by tweeting with hashtags such as #unemployed, #jobhunting etc.

6.     Go door to door

Going door to door with your resume and helping documents is another way that can earn you a job. If you are lucky enough, you can be called over for an interview right on the spot. So, go prepared and choose to go only to the organizations you really want to work with.

Try using every single way that can lead you on the path to your desired job. Your one step can save you all your career years and can put you on the right path.

This article was sent in by Samia Hussain.

Author Bio:

Enjoying the art of transforming ideas into an informative writing piece, Samia has been working with RightJobs as a career counsellor. She is a creative being, an assertive trailblazer and a counsellor working with leading organizations to help them pitch top notch talent. She loves exploring the tips that work in professional network and communicate those with people in need.

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This article was written and edited by a staff writer.

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