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Remote Working Resources in 2024

Updated on Jan 13, 2024 8323 views
Remote Working Resources in 2024

On a scale of 1-10, how well did you adjust to remote working?


Although working from home is an option given by companies who allow their employees to adopt flexible working hours, most workers often have a hard time adjusting to it, especially if they're working from home for the first time.


If you are one of such people who find remote working difficult, we have created a guide that will help you navigate this situation better. 


This guide offers tips that ensure a smooth transition from working full time to working remotely for both first time and experienced telecommuters.


Guide To Remote Working



In this guide we'll be sharing:

  • Top apps for remote working

  • Resources for remote working

  • 5 best remote working tips 


Top Apps For Remote Working

While working remotely, you will need as much help as you can get with executing your tasks successfully and maintaining a steady flow of communication with your colleagues.


To ensure that you stay on top of it all, you can certain apps. These  include:


Project Management Apps:


Team Communication Apps:


Video Conferencing App:


Screen Casting Apps:


File Sharing Apps:


Noise Cancellation App:


Password Storage App:


Document Scanning Apps:


Resources For Remote Working

Working remotely requires extra guidance, to make sure you don’t trail off course and you actually deliver on your tasks. 


These resources for remote working will provide you with that.


1. Resources For First Time Remote Workers:

If this is your first time telecommuting, these articles will provide you with the guidance you need to transition from full-time work to remote worker.


In addition, you will learn the dos and don’ts of remote working that help you stay on track with doing your job while you are separated from the rest of the team. 


The Beginniner Guide to Remote Working - MyJobMag

First Time Working Remotely? Here’s How To Ease Into It –  Forbes.

Working Remotely: A Complete Guide to Turn You Into a Pro –  paymo.

Helpful How-Tos For The Transition To Remote WorkSlack.

How to Transition to a Remote JobFlex Jobs.

REMOTE: Office Not Required - Basecamp.

A Crash Course in Remote Management - WordPress.

5 tips for ramping up on remote work in a hurry - Atlassian.

Working Remotely: Tips from 100+ Remote Workers & Leaders - Help Scout.

Zapier's guide to working remotely - Zapier.

The Complete Guide to Remote Work with Tips and Tricks - Novoresume



2. General Resources For Remote Workers:

For the worker who often finds themselves struggling with remote work, these articles will help you not have a panic attack every time you need to telecommute.


They are packed with tips to help you stay productive, tools that ensure smooth execution of projects, and advice on what to do when telecommuting begins to take its toll on you.


Remote Working Tips and Complete Guide to Telecommuting in 2020 –  Career Karma.

7 Steps to Enable Working From Home - Miradore.

9 Ways to Stay Productive When You Work From HomeSuccess.

An introduction to remote work from a remote company - HotJar.

How Do You Find A Remote Job? - MyJobMag.

18 Remote Work Tools for Happy and Productive Employees - ProofHub.

10 Essentials To Master Being A Remote Worker - HuffPost.

Why Everyone Loves Remote Work - FYI.

5 Advantages Of Remote Work - HuffPost.

12 Tools to Manage your Business Remotely - MyJobMag

Suddenly Remote Work PlayBook - Toptal

5 Best Remote Working Tips

Remote working isn't as lonely or difficult as it make seem. 


And even while the first few days will require you to work harder than usual so you don't be the only one on the team slacking off, transitioning to it will be easy.


Just follow these 5 tips to keep your head above water:


1. Communicate 

Communication during remote working maybe hard to adapt to at first, but with the right effort and communication style it should be a walk in the park for you and your team.


Things you could do to ensure effective communication include explaining your points clearly in a text message or email, so that the receiver doesn't have a hard time understanding what you mean.


Another way to communicate effectively with your team is to use screen casting. Screen Casting is a digital recording of  your computer screen. It often includes an audio narration or a video of your tutorials or presentations. 


2. Have A Designated Time To Respond To Messages

Although communication is key to a successful telecommuting, constantly checking your messages or responding to emails in between tasks, causes distractions.


To curb this, have a particular time for checking all the text messages and emails you received. Limit your immediate response, only to urgent messages.


3. Find Your Spot

Choose a spot where you know you'll feel most productive, and set up a mini office there. 


This mini office  will be used to do all your work, and must be free from distractions and noise.


In addition, your productive spot can have healthy snacks, a bottle of water, and some other things that boosts your productivity. It can also have music.


4. Have A Communication Schedule For Your Team

If you are heading a team or is part of one, then your team and you team should have a communication schedule that works for everyone, and at the same time doesn't disrupt your work process.


Pick the best times to hold meetings, decide on how frequently these meetings will be and on which social platform they will hold. The communication schedule should also have rules that govern them.


Keep trying schedules, till you find one that works.


5. Stay Connected

Working remotely, doesn't mean you are working alone.


Try to check in on your colleagues, even your boss via text messages and video calls. 


 Visit communication channels to make sure you are not missing out on any new update or team meetings.


At first, remote work takes time to stabilise, but once it becomes routine, it can be a good working experience for you.


While you try to find your footing, it is important that you find new ways to make the situation easier and that you also learn what works for you and run with that.


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