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Job Description Examples

Updated on Mar 09, 2020 40628 views
Job Description Examples

The job market is competitive.


The same way you want to hire a talented candidate for your company, that is how every other recruiter wants to hire one for theirs as well. So, how do you stay on top in this competitive market, and bring only the best job applications to your desk?  


Easy, you need to know how to write a job description that is good enough to get you the best candidate in the job market.


In this article, we will provide you with a job description template with directions you can use when writing yours and give you some job description examples so that you can have an idea what a well-written job description should look like.


Note: previously, we wrote a guide on  How to Write a Job Description that Will Help You Get a New Hire Fast, be sure to read it before you resume this article.



  • What is a job description template

  • Why use our job description template

  • Default job description example template (with writing directions)

  • Job description Examples


What Is A Job Description Template?

A job description template is a written document that details specific requirements, responsibilities, job duties, and skills required from a potential job candidate to perform a role. 


It also includes a detailed outline of daily activities, equipment and tools to be used, and personnel the candidate will report to if they are hired.


Why Use Our Job Description Template

Our job description template is detailed, simple and easy for you to follow even if you are writing a job description for the first time. 


It has step by step procedures and directions that show you how your job description should be laid out so that candidates can easily understand what the job role entails without getting confused.


Default Job Description Template (With Writing Directions)

Job Description Template




Job Description Examples

Below are some well-written and completed job description examples, following the given job description template:


1. Accountant Job Description Example


Accountant Job Description Template


2. Assistant Job Description Example


MyJobMag Assistant Job Description Example


Having a good job description is just as important as wanting to hire the best candidates for your job.  And if you don’t have a clear and concise job description that is well outlined, applicants will get confused with your role and even ignore it altogether. 


Sample Job Descriptions:

Sales Manager Job Description Sample : View job description for sales manager

Account Manager Job Description Sample

Accountant Job Description Sample: 

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